Urine therapy

Recently there were news paper reports about a certain category of our politicians who said that our rural economy could get a kick start if we used cow dung and cow’s urine for various purposes.
The following editorial,which appeared in a local news paper, dated 16.02.09,tickled me pink :
“The RSS endorses bovine waste products to beat the downturn.A stinking idea.TRUST THE RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEWAK SANGH (RSS) to show us the way out of all problems.Now some of you may be worrying about how to keep your heads above the water,given the economic downturn.But have no fear,the RSS way is sure to have you raising your glass,though what may be in it may be a bit of surprise cocktail.If India’s future lies in its villages,the RSS knows just how to make things work.Cow urine,dung and other byproducts are its answer to kick starting rural economics.Now for those of you who may hold your noses at this prospect,let us tell you that the saffron brigade is second to none when it comes to marketing these items.
If you are worried about your hair falling,well,lather up with a bit of cow urine shampoo.You may not be the most popular in the odour stakes after this,but keep bovine preservation at the top of your mind.And if the patriot in you does not quail at this,try to keep your pearlies intact with,wait for it,cow dung tooth powder.May be you may want to sit a while and think things over before rushing to your nearest gau raksha pharmacy.Well,the RSS has thought of your comfort even then in the form of fine furniture and easy on the eye sculpture (from cow dung) .No longer do you need to ask that familiar question :’ how now brown cow ?’
The RSS has told you exactly how to resolve that dilemma of how to waste not and want not.  
This news item and cock and bull story is not new for an oldie like me.I recall vividly from my memory about one of our ex-Prime Ministers –Shri Morarji Bhai Desai,who had a great penchant for things bovine.He was a staunch supporter of Urine Therapy.Those interested in knowing the details of this therapy may click on or visit the following site :
The write-up in this well researched article makes the following specific mention :
Quote : 
In 1978, the former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, a longtime practitioner of urine therapy, spoke to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes about urine therapy. Desai stated that urine therapy was the perfect medical solution for the millions of Indians who cannot afford medical treatment.
It was also rumored that the secret of this gentleman’s health was in a daily peg of the bovine liquid kind !
I had read about this and I had written about it in my letter dated 10th January 1978 to The Editor of “The Illustrated Weekly Of India” (Khushwant Singh)
This is  what I had written with reference to the editorial on the Janta Party in the issue dated 8th January 1978 :
” With reference to your editorial in the issue dated 8th January 1978,I would like to advise the ruling Janta Party to be careful in 1978.
I have tried to put my words in verse as under.Please give it some space in one of your future issues.
What the Janta Party needs is ” political therapy” and leave concentrating on
U-  Unmindful about all other matters,
R-  Requiring action–and not just chatter,
I –  Indian leaders just go on tours,
N- Not one bit worried about me and you !
E- Endless promises and glorious hopes,
T- That can convince only –but dopes,
H- Have from leaders, come so far,
E- Easy saying,than doing it yaar !
R- Real problems are jobs and poverty,
A- And says the PM–” drink urine tea “
P- Poor show and poor work till now,
Y- Ye leaders,wake up, or you will fall,you know how !! “
– J S Broca
My dear readers,the above prophesy (about its fall) came out to be quite true.
The Janta Party failed miserably to govern the nation.It rose and fell with a thud.The rise and fall is well documented.
Those of you who are students of political science or are interested to know exactly what happened and how it happened,can read about it by clicking on the following link or going to the site:
Friends,your feedback is welcome.      
Here let me raise a toast to our nation’s as well as our health, but the peg is certainly not filled with the bovine liquid,infamously then called “MORARJI COLA”
Incidentally,that reminds me that COCA COLA had left India sometime in 1977.It is an interesting story.Those interested may click on or visit :
The history of Coca Cola is equally interesting.Readers may love reading what is available at the following site or link :
Let me say CHEERS and end on this note !!


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