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When my daughter Harmeen Kaur,was studying in the final year of BHMS in Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,New Delhi (2005-06) she wanted to write something for her college magazine.So one fine day,we both sat down to decide what to write. I suggested to her to write something in a funny vein.Ultimately,we decided to write a poem using all the letters of the word HOMOEOPATHY.
She came out with the names of some common medicines and the diseases for which they were used.Then we both sat down to apply our minds and after about 7-8 hours and 3-4 drafts,we came out with a really funny as well as a useful piece.We sent the final draft to her college for consideration for publication.However,it so happened that the college’s magazine committee did not meet and that year no magazine could be published.I feel that had the poem been published,she would have got rave reviews for it.
While going through some old files last week I came across a copy of the poem-a labour of love,and so I decided to post it on my blog.
The introductory part has been suitably modified for sending to a homoeopathic magazine she subscribes to (Vital Informer).
Here it is:
 (For better  or for worse?)  
By  Dr  Harmeen Kaur  (BHMS) (DU)
I am a full-fledged doctor.I did my BHMS from Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College of Delhi University in 2007.It is commonly daid that doctors are usually serious persons because  the nature of their jobs is serious.However,there are some exceptions.(I hope I am one of such exceptions ! ) I try to retain my sense of humour,come what may.
One fine  day I decided to exercise my grey cells and write something about Homoeopathy.Deciding was OK but the difficult job was to decide the topic on which I should write.I was of the view that my article should be liked by the readers and it should be of interest to them. At the same time, I felt, it must not be a serious sermon on the subject and it should tickle the funny bone of the readers.Having decided this,I set out to write a poem on Homoeopathy.
The result of my hard efforts of a whole day is before you.
Each line of the poem begins with each letter of the word HOMOEOPATHY,one by one.
Read,smile and enjoy !!
H   is for HEPER SULPH,which is nothing but,
     sulphuret of lime,
     It is effective for suppuration,cures
     abcess in no time !
O   is for OPIUM,which is dried latex of poppies,    
      when popped into the system,turns
      men to sleepy floppies !
M   is for MERC SOL  or soluble mercury
      if you please.
      It is an effective remedy for a
      disease called syphilis !
O    is for OLEANDER,that cures
      paralytic strokes,
      Oh! Don’t confuse it with Leander Paes,
      the famous tennis bloke !
E    is for EUPHRASIA, thats good for
      conjunctivitis and watery eyes,
      This remedy finds favour with doctors
       And I never tell any lies !
O    is for OXALIC ACID, a good remedy
       for Reheumatism,
       Its got nothing to do with an Ox
       licking its tongue under hypnotism !
P     is for PHOSPHORUS thats good for
       burning sensation in the spine,
       You’ll start jumping likea cat that has 
       lives not five,but nine !
A     is for ACONITE,for patients
       who fear death,
       Provided,they take it in correct dosage,
       It will restorethem back to health !
T     is for THUJA , for feeling as if
       limbs are made of glass,
       Its called the tree of life,if you
       remember this,you’ll pass !!
H     is for HOMARUS, or digestive fluid
       of a live lobster,
       That controls dyspepsia, sore throat
       And headache , faster !
Y     is for YERBA SANTA, a remedy for
       Bronchitis,asthama and whooping cough,
       Santa Claus comes in December,the last month,
       So I think,this poem is now enough !!
All  the readers of Vital Informer,who are devout followers of Homoeopathy ,will remember th names of some homoeopathic medicines and the diseases to which they are applicable,by recalling this poem.
I also hope that by reading this poem,some readers will be inspired to write something on on other alternative systems of medicine as well such as Allopathy,Nature Therapy,Urine Therapy,Magnetic Therapy and so on, on other such therapies,but in a funnier vein.
So,pick up your pens,strike your “funny bone” (yes there is one such bone in our body) and shoot off your pieces to Vital Informer.If you do that,I’ll feel really happy.
Those who wish to know more about the doctor who is the father of Homoeopathy may please go to or click on the follwing link:
Samuel Hahnemann
Feedback may please be sent careof my e-mail
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