As mentioned somewhere earlier, I passed out from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology,M S University of Baroda, having done my B Tech (Mechanical) in 1973 from this well known university.The college was locally well known as “Kala Bhawanto all the bus drivers and the rickshaw-wallahs and others in the  neighborhood of that area.I had joined the college in 1968 after a tough selection test for admissions.
Our college used to come out with an annual magazine called
Kala Chandra” which used to publish articles in English and Gujarati/Hindi.I still proudly possess a copy of the magazine of 1970-71 which was published slightly late and reached my hands in 1971 or so when I was in the fourth year of the course, referred to as  BE I V (Mech) (Roll no:204) .Two of my contributions were published in it.Today after almost 38 years,
I reproduce the first one in English here below : 
                                                    By  ” Jitoo ” Broca
                                                    BE III ( Mech)
Happiness is a state of the mind and not of the body.A man may flash a smile at you while greeting you,but whether he is really happy to meet you or not,only God knows ! A hearty laugh or a wide grin doesn’t indicate happiness.A person may be compelled to do so in the  company of his friends but he may really be a distressed person in reality !
As the word indicates,”happiness” is abstract; it cannot be perceived or made out by the physical expressions of a person.Happiness is something deep inside ones heart,that gives one an unbound pleasure.
Man has two types of needs–one of them is the materialistic one,and the other mental.The former comprises of things like an Impala,a bungalow by the sea-side,servants at beck and call and other etceteras of life.The latter includes peace of mind,freedom from worries and depressions and a frustration-less mind. In the present world,nobody cares a hang for the mental needs.Everybody seems to be running after things of luxury and comfort,whether they are obtained by lawful means or not,is not the question.
One may be lead to think that the materialistic needs are the secret of happiness,but it is quite wrong.A  rich man is often afraid at heart.He is constantly worried about the safety of his money and property.He doesn’t get a sound night’s sleep for fear of thieves and robbers.An unexpected knock at the door,during the day-time,sets him to jitters,thinking it may be the police-officer or the customs department or the ACB man!!
On the other hand,take the example of a poor man,with no lively means of sustaining himself.He thanks God for the day’s meal and he is not worried for the night.Yet,he is more happy as compared to the big shot.A poor man is more ready to help his fellow-sufferers.He will happily share his piece of bread with others.A rich man eats so much that the circumference of his belly increases frantically ! He wastes too much food and rather would feed his dogs and canaries than feed a beggar standing at his door !
Happiness cannot be achieved easily.This world has many flaws and evils that keep on puzzling us and there is no time to contemplate about ourselves.Even great sages like Guru Nanak,Buddha and Mahavira,left their homes at an early age,in search of happiness and peace.Happiness comes out of satisfaction .Satisfaction of mind and heart and soul.Be satisfied with what you have.Don’t compare yourselves to those who are better off than you ! And you will be happy-or rather happier than others.Have no worry and depression-and that is hard to achieve-only then will you be truly happy.Samuel Johnson,a great thinker,says,”Happiness is not found in self-contemplation ; it is perceived only when it is reflected from another .”
Readers will perhaps agree that, most of what  I had written in 1970 / 1971, based on my limited experiences and perceptions at that point of time, is still quite relevant today.
Let’s ponder on that point !!
I wish and pray for your Happiness in the New Year !
For those interested in knowing about M S University Baroda,may please use the following links :
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  1. Dr Pooja says:

    Jitoo Sir,
    A nice article written by much before I was born. I liked the

    views expressed by you. Happiness lies within us and we spend

    our lifetime in search of the same. God has a treasure in

    every individual. He has left it to us to find out. Isn’t it

    Sir? Best wishes.

    Dr Pooja G Bhuyar, Bijapur
    Jan 22, 2009

  2. JULIE ACHARYA says:

    Jitoo ji,

    The piece is relevant to every generation. Rich men are

    unhappy and poor men are happy is the general notion.

    Sometimes not though! How to make the rich man AND the poor

    man happy, is the question. What touched my heart in your

    writing was ,”Happiness is not found in self-contemplation ;

    it is perceived only when it is reflected from another .” That

    seems to hold the secret to happiness.

    Julie Acharya Ray, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jan 23, 2009

  3. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Dr Poojaji

    Thanks for your feedback. “It was written much before I was

    born “. Never ask a lady her age, they say. Can I ask how many

    years before your birth was this piece written by me? Anyway,

    it is always a pleasure to receive and read your frank

    feedbacks. GBU.

    j s broca, new delhi
    Jan 23, 2009

  4. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Julieji,

    Welcome to my piece (you have probably commented for the first

    time on one of my postings in Muse.) and thanks a lot for your

    feedback. Happiness also lies in giving happiness to others

    and not necessarily getting it in return. Keep spreading all

    the happiness in the world and once the entire world is fully

    happy, the happiness will bounce back to you. I believe that,

    once a day at least in a year, must be celebrated as “World

    Happiness Day ” (like Teachers Day, Childrens Day etc..)

    Archies !! Are you listening ?

    j s broca, new delhi
    Jan 23, 2009

  5. Dr Pooja says:

    Jitoo Sir,
    Your article was published nine years before I was born in the

    year 1979. I really wonder why people hesitate announcing

    their age. I have no issues, Sir. Best wishes.

    Dr Pooja G Bhuyar, Bijapur
    Jan 23, 2009


    Dear Jatinderji

    You wrote a piece while back. I am curious to know has your

    opinion changed since then. You did not revise the article.

    Happiness is measured by the individual. No one can measure it

    for you. Regards to you,

    Lina Mistry/Tandel, Virginia USA
    Jan 24, 2009

  7. j s broca says:

    Dear Linaji

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I still maintain and

    believe what I had written ages ago. My opinion has so far not

    changed. Thanks.

    J S Broca, New Delhi
    Jan 25, 2009

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