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The word cartoon has various meanings, based on several very different forms of visual art and illustration. The term has evolved over time.The original meaning was in fine art, and there cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art such as a painting or tapestry.The somewhat more modern meaning was that of humorous illustrations in magazines and newspapers. Even more recently there are now several contemporary meanings, including creative visual work for print media, for electronic media, and even animated films and animated digital media.When the word cartoon is applied to print media, it most often refers to a humorous single-panel drawing or gag cartoon, most of which have captions and do not use speech balloons. The word cartoon is not often used to refer to a comic strip.
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A cartoon brings a smile on your face,transports you back to a similar incident with which you were involved in the past,drives away your bad mood and often has a great therapeutic value.
Dennis The Menace,Bringing Up Father,Little Women,etc are some of my favourite cartoon characters and strips.
“You Said It” by R K Laxman,the daily cartoon, is also very popular.
However,Mario Miranda has been one of my favourite cartoonists.
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He has been a regular contributor of cartoons in THE ECONOMIC TIMES.I have a huge collection of his cartoons cut out from old issues of The Economic Times.

There was a feature titled “The World Of Cartoons” in this newspaper on 13th December1981.I liked it and sent my opinion appreciating the same to the Editor.

The same was published in The ET Bombay,of Tuesday 5th January 1982 ( 26 years ago !) with some of its portions edited out-again due to space constraints !

Today,I reproduce it herebelow :



The above feature (ET Dec 13) was like an oasis in the desert of drab politics,dismal economy,depressing inflation et all.Mario Miranda deserves to be congratulated for his superb portrayal of so-called “drab world of Miss Fonseca”(as “Saro”puts it) by way of his cartoons. It is the first thing I look forin the left-hand corner of the first page.It is one’s cup of cheer and when you don’t publish it (you don’t even apologise or give reasons for not publishing it,however rare it may be) one feels let down.

The cartoons reveal very aptly many finer aspects of “Management” ( & Mis(s) management?) which is both an art (from Miss Fonseca’s point of view ) and a science ( from boss’view-point ).

I frankly don’t know what it is from Godbole’s view-point.I also agree with Col.Proudfoot (“I love her”) when he says he has that no doubt that there is an original Miss F,whom Mario uses as a model,since I have come across specimens like lazy wastrel Godbole and efficient ( Speciwomen ?) secretaries like Miss Fonseca.

Incidentally,doesn’t Miss F have a first name ? Or,the boss hasn’t succeeded in reaching the first name level yet with her? Mario,would you enlighten us ?

Mario’s cartoons prove that brevity is the soul of wit.Let’s have more of such features.

Baroda,Dec 27

Since I had been a student of Management (having done P G Diploma In Business Management from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan,Baroda in 1979) I had added a para after ‘Godbole’s view-point’,which went thus :   ( Could it be ‘Artful Science’ or should it be ‘Scientific Art’?) Herzberg’s “Motivation Theory” (Boss),”McGregor’s Theory X (Miss F) & Theory Y” ( Godbole) and ‘Channels & Methods of Communication’ (exchanges between boss and the beggar) ( I feel the beggar seems to be too intelligent for his uneducated upbringing !!) are a few basic concepts of ‘Management’,well illustrated through Mario’s cartoons.

However,this para was deleted from the printed version.One has to bow down to the decision of the worthy Editor,isn’t it ??

I am sure many of the readers will have their own favourite cartoons,cartoon characters and cartoon strips which they must be enjoying.In these days of TV and several specific channels solely devoted to animation films and cartoons on 24×7 basis,we cannot remain immuned from such enjoyable stress-busters like Tom and Jerry,The Simpsons,Hagar The Horrible etc.They make our lives worth living.Don’t they ? Care to share your views and experiences ?

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