World’s most expensive laptop

World’s most expensive laptop

FE Oct 19 2014


The Luvaglio is completely covered in diamonds and platinum on both sides as well as the inside

LAPTOPS ARE meant to be sturdy machines, capable of being carried around on flights, public transport and room to room, generally given a rough time. It’s unlikely that you will do that to your Luvaglio laptop, if you can afford one, that is.

The Luvaglio is custom made to order and comes with a price tag of $1 million, making it the most expensive in the world.

The reason why it is so expensive and will be treated with extra care is that it is completely covered in diamonds and platinum on both sides as well as the inside.

Even the power button is a rare coloured diamond. The specifications and applications are included based on the customer’s request.

In fact, the complete design pattern is in the customer’s hands and they can choose and design their own version in wood, metal, or any other finish. It will still cost the same since even the keys of this laptop are made with genuine diamonds.

In addition, this laptop is entirely handmade and has all the bling you could ever ask for. The standard version comes with a 17-inch wide LED screen with a Blue-Ray drive and a specially-designed anti-reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image.

It has 128 GB of solid state disk space. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and the diamond power button also acts as security identification.

According to Luvaglio, “the brand is committed to redefining luxury in a few sectors, technology being one of them. We have access to diamonds that are simply rare and near impossible to get hold of, so are able to offer a very embodied choice.”

However, what has diluted the claims somewhat is that it is made by a boutique firm based in London, which has no past record of manufacturing computers or related products. The company has not released information on the number of pre-orders it has received, if any, nor sufficient information to confirm that Luvaglio has produced an actual physical product.

However, Gizmag did put out some photographs of the Luvaglio laptop, but the company’s own website offers little information beyond a photograph of the laptop. The company CEO insists that all is above board and the company makes luxury products strictly on a made to order basis, which is why the product is not available off the shelf and even for those who have booked, there will be a waiting period. In other words, wait and watch.

The alternative is the second-most expensive laptop in the world, the Ego Bentley. Ego Lifestyle is known for making ultra-chic, luxury notebooks and they have tied up with Bentley, the king of luxury cars. Priced at $20,000, the Ego Bentley is handmade and the exterior is clad in the finest selection of Bentley leather finished with authentic Bentley cross-over hand stitching. The leather exterior, which matches the deck under the hood, is available in a choice of 10 colours. A chrome handle is built into the chassis, also modelled after a Bentley etching, and the frames around the laptop are made of white gold.

The laptop has a 64-bit version of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, a 160 GB hard drive and is powered by 2GB of RAM and a Mobile AMD TurionTM 64 processor, and comes with a 12-inch high-res screen. Another feature is the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice software because you wouldn’t want to spoil this expensive laptop with fingerprints.




19TH OCT 2014 / 20TH SEPTEMBER 2020

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