We may pull out of Singur if…

First it was the POSCO fiasco in Orissa. Now it is Singur imbroligo in WB. Politicians are using it as a plank for their vote bank. They least care if industrial development in the state takes a back seat. Obstructing such projects, which will generate a lot of employment opportunities in the state, is foolhardy. Ratan Tata is justified in carrying out his threat of moving out lock, stock and barrel from Singur, if political turmoil over a non-issue continues to drastically upset his ambitious Nano baby plans. Industrial Development is an engine for growth. It attracts a lot of investment, generates more business, develops required infrastructure, results in development of a cluster of ancilliary industries and above all, gives jobs and service to a vast portion of the local populace, resulting in their economic upliftment. Such a negative approach by political parties will kill the proverbial goose that is expected to lay golden eggs. A participatory management approach which involves the farmers as well, so that in the long run they also become stakeholders in the project, is judged to be the best approach in such ambitious ventures.As seen from media reports several other states like Mahrashtra, Uttrakhand, HP and Punjab have extended all help to the Tatas for re-locating their project from Singur and have promised hassle free investment procedures. Compelling Tata to move to other states will send the wrong signals to other business groups as well. Even existing industries may not think of expanding further in WB. This will obviously result in flight of capital to other states where the industrial climate is favourable and conducive for growth is encouraged. Mamta Bannerji and other politicians like her should do re-think or else this episode will result in disastrous repurcussions and may even go to the extent of writing an epitaph for this project: “Here lies NANO. Born 2003. Died pre-maturely: 2008. Death due to political murder. GOD FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!”


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