Limericks by Madeleine Begun Kane

Limericks by Madeleine Begun Kane

1. Trim Limerick

When a woman who needed a trim
Cut her hair rather short on a whim,
Her spouse baldly sued
For divorce, using rude,
Snippy grounds: “She resembles a ‘him.’”

2. Limerick Bar

A woman decided to bar
Cigarette smoking folks from her car.
“This must be a joke,”
Said her husband. “I smoke,
So our marriage ain’t going too far.”

3. Remorseful Limerick

A fellow was feeling remorse
About taking an ill-advised course:
He’d married a gal
Who was also his pal,
Before he’d secured a divorce.

4. Father’s Day Limerick

A pregnant young woman named Kay
Was due to give birth the next day.
So it wasn’t sublime
When her spouse picked that time
To confess that he really was gay.


About the Author:

Humorist and political satirist Madeleine Begun Kane (“Mad Kane”) won the 2008 Robert Benchley Society Humor Award (Bob Newhart was the finals judge) and is a National Society of Newspaper Columnists award winner.

Her humor and essays have been published in numerous newspapers, print magazines, and web sites and in many anthologies and text books (including Laughing Matters; Life’s A Stitch: The Best of Contemporary Women’s Humor; Funny Times: The Best of the Best American Humor; Jest Patriotic; Cash In On Laughter; Big Bush Lies; I Killed June Cleaver; Minutes of the Lead Pencil Club; Healer {Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious Volume 2}; and The Contemporary Reader.)

She is also a recovering lawyer, a funny contracts and limerick writer, and a musician whose political song parodies were popular “sing-alongs” at anti-Bush demonstrations.

Mad Kane’s humor about marriage, work, money, travel, cars, politics, the media, and other topics has appeared in numerous publications including Family Circle Magazine, First For Women, America Online, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, and the New York Times.


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  1. Jatinder Pal Singh Broca says:

    Nice ones, Broca ji, but lack the punch.

    I admire your patience in wading through so many limericks to share with us.

    GSP Rao, Hyderabad,

    Jun 27, 2018

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