The following nursery rhymes doing the round. Many of you would have read them, I guess.

Rahul Gandhi’s nursery rhyme book

Twitter Twitter’s little star

Aam Aadmi super star

Delhi was our bull’s eye

In Kashi I ate humble pie!

Ding Dong Bell

Congress is in hell,

Who put them in?

Rahul’s stupid grin

Who’ll pull them out?

We need a talent scout.

Ba Ba Ramdev

There goes the fool

Tasteless soundbites

In every mouthful

Yoga gave him a supple frame

Foot in the mouth, his claim to fame.

In a white skull cap, they went to shop

To catch the secular voter

Laloo skid down, and broke his crown

Maya came tumbling after.

Hickory dickory dock,

Sonia is in shock

With Sampth the clown,

her stock slid down

Hickory dickory dock,

may God save her flock.

Simple Pappu met the Feku,

going to the Poll

Simple Pappu teased the Feku,

and scored a self goal

Said the Feku to the Pappu,

Shehzada you’re so funny

Amethi ticket, is all you get,

but Jijaji takes the money

One two,

a big bamboo

Three four,

pray! no encore

Five six,

a quick fix

Seven eight,

will resign tonight

Nine ten,

I’ll take it back again

Rain, rain go away,

my leadership is in disarray

I am waiting for my wedding day

Shazia Ilmi

Born on Monday

Journo on Tuesday

Rally on Wednesday

Fast on Thursday

Met mullah on Friday

Communal on Saturday

Army chief buried her on Sunday

That is the end of Shazia Ilmi

Aam Aadmi got on the wall

Leaving Delhi was a foolish call

To Kashi they went on an express train

Amit Shah quietly pulled the chain.

Pussy cat, my doormat,

where have you been?

I went to Doordarshan to meet my queen

Pussy cat, my doormat,

are you now a pair?

My Guruji told me to break the love affair.

Hot cross buns!

the bombing has begun

One a penny, two a penny,

it’s a Bofors gun

Run and get the daughter,

the culprit is the Son

One a penny, two a penny,

Modi’s firing again.



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