Once upon a time very very long ago, when death snatched a loved one of mine, I got interested in poems on death. There are many poems on this topic and you can read them by surfing on the internet. Recently, I came across and read a FUNNY poem on death!! Death and funny? You may ask!   Here is the poem. See it for yourself:

QUOTE:  Roses are dead, violets are too, I`m still in love but not with you. You thought you hurt me, and made me cry, But now I’m in love with another guy. Simply because you have no class, all you can do, is kiss my ass. You sit around and talk your s**t, so eff you and your little ass dick. What my man is doing, you can`t do. You tell your homies you played me like a b**ch, and I tell my girls you have a little dick. You said you loved me, but it wasnt true. Well guess what mofugga I played you too. UNQUOTE

While I am on this topic, I am reminded of my favourite writer Khushwant Singh who had also written a lot on the topic of death. Here is an interesting thing connected with this great writer:


His favourite limerick was from the English poet Hilaire Belloc:

 “When I am dead

I hope it will be said

His sins were scarlet

But his books were read.”

How true isn’t it !!

 BTW limericks are generally of 5 lines whereas this one is one line short.

 Hope you enjoyed this narrative.

 Keep smiling!

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