My Letter to the Editor in BT

My Letter to the Editor in BT

 Most Powerful Women: Value for Money

This refers to your special issue on the Most Powerful Women in Business (October 8). All the 30 winners in business category and 23 winners in the impact category deserve to be included in your list by virtue of 3Ps – Performance, Perseverance, and Pragmatism. Their achievements are case studies to motivate the younger generation which needs to learn about being an achiever and what qualities make one really powerful. Hope the present generation takes a lesson from these powerful women and makes an honest attempt in the highly competitive times of today. Your cover story goes to show that Indian women are no more mere show-pieces to adorn the drawing rooms of their homes. Over the last decade or so, they have carved a distinct niche for themselves in a male-dominated world. In spite of gender bias, we need to respect, and express our love towards such great entrepreneurship icons and join in the celebrations for women’s economic, political and social achievements. It is a collectors’ issue. Kudos to the Business Today team for a paisa vasool issue.

J.S. Broca, New Delhi (6th Oct 2017)

Published in Business Today Latest Issue dated 22nd Oct 2017

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