Wrong Number

Wrong Number

We all have our dreams and have often dreamt about several things. Here is a naughty (dirty?) limerick about a lady dreaming of seduction! However, ultimately, it was only imaginary! ENJOY the imagination!!

Check your mattresses this night to avoid getting such wrong numbers!!

There was a young lady of Worcester

Who dreamt that a rooster seduced her.

She woke with a scream,

But ’twas only a dream

A lump in the mattress had goosed her.

Keep Smiling!!


SOURCE: http://www.dirtylimerick.com/315/there-was-a-young-lady-of-worcester/

PS: My earlier posting about a Farting Contest, seems to have ruffled a few feathers. I refer to a fellow poet’s comment (IFTEKHAR AHMED, KOLKATA) regarding my efforts to create vulgar humour! If I may say so, a FART is a FACT of life. If I do not fart it means I have not let out the obnoxious gases in my digestive tract. After I fart I feel so comfortable and relieved. There are people who take a few tablets every day to help them fart and they sell like hot cakes. One such branded item is called Hawaban Harde from Indore. I am not a brand ambassador of this company, but I suggest that all those who cannot digest such humour must take a few tablets every night. BTW, Hawaban in Hindi literally means Arrows of (Foul) Air ( Farts are like arrows?) Sorry and an unconditional apology again, if I have stirred a hornet’s nest!!

 Jatinder Pal Singh Broca New Delhi  26th Sept 2017

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