A Double Limerick: On Einstein’s Theory of Relativity :

A Double Limerick:

On Einstein’s Theory of Relativity :

In High School Physics, I recall having studied Relativity. Relativity was a stunning concept and scientists all over the world debated the veracity of Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, which implied that matter and energy were equivalent and, more specifically, that a single particle of matter could be converted into a huge quantity of energy.

Now here is a novel interpretation of that equation from my collection. Hats off to the unknown composer.

E  N  J  O  Y!!

Said Einstein, “I have an equation
that some may think Rabelaisian.
Let V be virginity
approaching infinity
and P equal constant persuasion.

Now, let V over P be inverted
and the root of persuasion inserted
It is easy to see
the result, Q.E.D.
is a relative,” Einstein asserted.



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