Here is my letter to the Editor of BUSINESS TODAY.

Dear Sir,

This refers to your special women issue (BT 31st August 2014). Congratulations to the BT Team for giving us readers, a visually delightful and power packed issue! Yes indeed it is a Collectors’ Issue!

The line-up of the MOST POWERFUL WOMEN as selected by your eminent Jury (incidentally all 3 were MEN!) was awesome and the entire brigade of beauty and / or brains deserved to be included in your exalted list by virtue of their sheer performance in their respective fields, perseverance to forge ahead in spite of obstacles and a pragmatic approach to day-to-day problems. They all deserve a 21 guns salute! (Independence Day time, dear!)

Working doggedly on this voluminous issue for only around 4 months from April onwards, the role of your Assistant Editor, Sarika Malhotra, in giving birth to a very healthy, loveable, bonny baby (which normally takes 9 months!) of an issue, was equally powerful! Kudos to her!

Being associated with the educational field now, I have strongly recommended to all my students to buy and read this issue, so that they can get a glimpse of what it takes to be an achiever and what qualities makes one really powerful in one’s chosen field / career. Hope the present generation takes a lesson from these MPW and makes an honest attempt to shine amidst highly competitive times and justifies once again the truth behind “survival of the fittest” theory of Darwin!



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