Sheryl Sandberg


The cover story on the COO of Facebook in Business Today of 17th August was very interesting. This is what I wrote to the Editor by way of my Letter to the magazine:

Dear Sir,
This refers to your enchanting cover-story on Sheryl Sandberg (BT 17TH August).
This Cool COO of Facebook is an excellent role model for our female wannabees yearning to make it to the top of MNCs and Indian Companies through grit and determination. That she is the ONLY woman on Facebook’s board, is an acknowledgement of her qualifications, experience and expertise in the field.
Excellent credentials of this high achiever reveal that she is not just a pretty face but also a highly intelligent and focused person as well. Sheryl Sandberg certainly does not build ‘SAND’-castles but knows how to ‘CEMENT’ her relationship with India’s huge but still highly under-explored market and hopes for CONCRETE profitability results in near future!
Her statement that ‘ the next billion FB users are going to come from India’ needs to be taken seriously and conveys how well prepared she is to take the plunge into hitherto un-explored and un-tapped market of our country. Her adamant “fire-in-the-belly” quality to take Facebook to the top, may be well termed as “Face-Bookh (Hindi word for hunger)”!!
Sheryl will certainly be closely watched by all– individuals, institutions, investors etc. Her recent meeting and exchange of thoughts on governance through social media with the PM Narendra Modi, augur well for the growth and expansion of Facebook.
J S Broca, New Delhi

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