Today is the last sequential date of this century — 11.12.13 — a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Media is filled with headlines and stories about this topic.

Some major and important items / things listed for today are:


Starting New Businesses, Announcing Sales and Discounts, Wedding Decorators being excited, Astrological Predictions (true or false!) being made, are also a subject matter for lively discussions.

Whether it’s auspicious or just easy to remember, couples are choosing to get married today because of the date — 11/12/13.

There are/were 12 sequential dates in this century. The next big sequential date is 12/13/14. “That’s on a Saturday so we’re hoping to see even bigger numbers,” said a few “experts”.

If you have any faith in the idea that sequential dates bode well for a long and a happy marriage, you better start looking for that special someone — your next opportunity for a wedding on such a date won’t happen until 2103.

Here is one such article from HINDUSTAN TIMES:

Delhi set to celebrate ‘auspicious’ 11.12.13

By Debasmita Ghosh,

Hindustan Times,New Delhi, December 11, 2013

From weddings to having babies, Delhi is kicked up about making today special. It’s the last sequential date of century — 11.12.13 — a once-in-a-lifetime event. Would-be mums have flooded hospitals with requests to slot their deliveries today, and thousands of couples have decided to tie the knot on this ‘special occasion’.

“Our operation theatre is booked for cesareans the entire day, with eight deliveries scheduled. We had to refuse a few requests,” says Dr Vimal Grover, gynaecologist, Fortis La Femme. “Parents want to have unique birthdays for their kids, and hence this rush,” says Dr Sheetal, gynaecologist, RocklandHospital. The situation is pretty much the same at most other city hospitals, including ColumbiaAsia, Moolchand Medcity and MaxHospital.

It’s good business for banquet hall owners and five-stars, too. “Couples want to wed on this last sequential date of the century … we were swarmed with requests for our banquet hall, and had to decline about 25 clients as we are fully booked. Wedding decorators have also increased their prices by nearly 5-10%, but guests are ready to shell out the premium,” says Arindam Kunar, GM, CrownePlaza Today Gurgaon. Agrees celebrity wedding planner Swati Pandya Sood. “It’s a crazy day for me … I can’t even tell you how many weddings I’m handling today,” she says. Parties are also being thrown by many to celebrate the day, and cakes with an ‘11.12.13’ icing are in big demand at bakeries like Zura Bistro Bar Bakery, It’s 9 Bakery Cafe and Sartoria. Other eateries are also doing all they can to cash in on the euphoria. While Mad Over Donuts is giving 12 donuts free if you buy a dozen donuts, Gelato Vinto will give a discount of 25% (12+13) on ordering 11 scoops. Roost Bistro will give 11% discount on drinks, 12% on starters and 13% on main course, while Hadippa is offering 13% off on a bill of `1112.

Gift from the skies?

Astrologer and numerologist P Khurrana says the day is auspicious in terms of planetary positions too. “It’s a rare combination of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in strong positions. Also, 11+12+13 equals to 9, a powerful number signifying Mars (Mangal), which makes it very influential,” says Khurrana.


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