This morning I read the following quote: “Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job “. – Franklin Pierce Jones.

I began scratching my head. Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job? – But how…Mr. Jones?

I am not sure about either the quote or the quoted. However, it’s clear to my sharp canine senses that the quote could have many implications. It could imply any of the following and more, depending completely upon who reads it. Some of the Many Possible Interpretations of the Quote:

If you are a risk-averse human (you’d be surprised to discover how risk-averse humans can be,) it could mean that you can sit on your haunches, scratch your dog, and you’d be set for life.

If you are a dog-loving human, it could mean that if you scratched a dog, every dog in the neighborhood would be queuing up to have you scratch their backs.

If you are a normal human being with a propensity towards scratching backs, it could mean that you could earn your living by scratching the backs of those dogs whose owners prefer not to put their manicured hands in a dog’s fur.

If you are not a dog-person, you could for once get over your canine apathy and scratch the back of your boss’s dog to get a “permanent job.”

All in all, I don’t think that this is a dog-friendly quote – I read in it some serious advice for humans. Don’t you?

Some of the Many Possible Intentions of the Quoted:

Now let us review Franklin ji’s intentions.

The gentleman in question who was known by a complex human name “Franklin Pierce Jones” was a humorist and wrote this in jest. Thus, I’d say that his intentions were above-board and honest.

Yet, we could ask:

Did he have a dog?

Did he scratch the dog?

Did he really find a permanent job, scratching his dog?

Was the job to scratch his dog, other dogs, or other humans?

Was the job something else entirely?

Perhaps he scratched a publisher’s dog and it helped him publish this wonderful quote and then many other quotes such as these? Or…

Did he scratch a pretty young woman’s dog and ended up marrying her, thus, finding a permanent job of scratching all her dogs?

Whatever be his reasons for writing this quote might’ve been, he sure wrote a quotable quote!


In Hindi they call this” Baal ki khaal nikalna ”!!

Bow wow bow wow!!

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