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Royal Omission

While the world is going gaga over the birth of the new royal lineage, here is a report about a spoof on the event. Some journalists do have a different take on the episode. I read the following news item on 25th  morning. It tickled me where I love getting tickled! Read on…

The birth of a baby boy to William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, may have attracted prominent coverage in the British and, surprisingly, American media but both countries also have their fair share of readers with an aversion to public adoration of royalty.

Thus, Huffington Post, the respected online journal, carries a spoof that says:
“Breaking news: Woman Gives Birth to Baby” followed by terse text that says, “A married woman of childbearing age has given birth to a baby boy. The event followed nine months of pregnancy. ‘Both mother and baby are doing well,’ a spokesman for the woman said. It is now expected that the baby will grow up”.

Huff Post, of course, is American, but the the British Guardian’s online edition also considerately provides readers an option to block out Will- Kat coverage. A tiny link on the top right corner of its site gives you the option: Republican? Royalty? Click on the first and royal coverage is blocked out whereas the second retains it.

So what is your take dear readers/ friends?

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