What your coffee says about you

What your coffee says about you

Here is an interesting piece of news I read this morning.

Melbourne: Merlo Coffee baristas has revealed that are able to figure out a customer’s personality type just by the cup of coffee they order.

The company said that people who drink Cafe Latte tend to be a bit softer and can be more romantic than others and are probably still friends with their first crush, News.com.au reported.

People, who drink Flat White, are straight-up types and could lack imagination.

The Cappuccino lover doesn’t really indulge in their coffee as much as they should; they are still a child at heart who love chocolate sprinkle on top.

People drinking Macchiato are coffee-savvy young professional. They work and play fast.

People whose choice of drink is Vienna are the one who like the finer things in life; they have high expectations, are demanding and a touch clingy.

Hot Mocha ordering people are often drifters and find it hard to settle down.

Hot Chocolate drinking people can be complete faux coffee -drinkers, posing as latte sippers.

Tea drinkers are real, wholesome and deep-thinkers. They are usually early morning people and read books.


1. I am a tea lover and I feel the last observation fits me like the proverbial glove!

2. Rarely, do I go for coffee and I love my usual NESCAFE cup!

3. I would never on my own, splurge Rs.100/ or more on a cup of coffee in the fancier up-market coffee parlors many patronize these days. Yes, if some-one is treating me, then it is a different ball game altogether!

4. A few times I have tasted South Indian trade mark traditional coffee served in steel glasses and plates, in coffee houses. However, I did not relish the concoction.

The above research does not throw light on various aspects about coffee narrated by me.

Would my friends like to add something from their own experiences and habits? It would be interesting to know!

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