Douglas Engelbart – THE CREATOR OF “MOUSE” NO MORE….

I was just reading about Douglas and following words really inspired me:

Engelbart’s career was inspired in 1951 when he was engaged to be married and realized he had no career goals beyond getting a good education and a decent job. Over several months he reasoned that:

1. he would focus his career on making the world a better place;

2. any serious effort to make the world better requires some kind of organized effort;

3. harnessing the collective human intellect of all the people contributing to effective solutions was the key;

4. if you could dramatically improve how we do that, you’d be boosting every effort on the planet to solve important problems — the sooner the better; and

5. computers could be the vehicle for dramatically improving this capability.

Today we take our computer mouse as granted and use it without realizing how much efforts have gone in its designing and development by Engelbart.

I feel and suggest that 2ND JULY should be celebrated as WORLD MOUSE DAY every year in memory of Engelbart who died on 02.07.2013 at the age of 88.

See the picture of the prototype of the mouse as designed by Engelbart :

(The first prototype of a computer mouse, as designed by Bill English from Engelbart’s sketches.)

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