“Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? “

“Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? “
I was reminded of the movie when there was a massive grid failure here,in Delhi . Here is a short background/synopsis of the movie :
This was the title of a 1968 American comedy film with Doris Day, directed by Hy Averback. Although it is set in New York City during the major blackout of November 9, 1965, in which 25 million people scattered throughout seven northeastern states and Ontario, Canada lost electric power for several hours, the screenplay by Everett Freeman and Karl Tunberg is based on the 1956 French play Monsieur Masure by Claude Magnier. This was the penultimate film of Doris Day’s long career, being released two months before her final screen appearance in 1968’s With Six You Get Eggroll.
Margaret Garrison is a stage actress who has spent her career starring in virginal roles, although she would relish the opportunity to play someone less savory, such as an Italian prostitute, at least once before she retires. When a blackout shutters her current Broadway play for the night, she returns home unexpectedly and discovers her architect husband Peter being overly attentive to attractive reporter Roberta Lane. Infuriated, she heads to the couple’s weekend house in Connecticut and takes a potion to fall asleep.
When embezzler Waldo Zane develops car trouble near Margaret’s home, he sneaks in, unwittingly takes some of the elixir himself, and falls into a deep sleep beside her. Peter shows up, assumes his wife has been unfaithful, and heads back to Manhattan.
Margaret’s agent Ladislaus Walichek, anxious because she has announced her plan to retire, keeps her husband’s jealousy burning in the hope their marriage will crumble and she’ll be forced to continue working to support herself. Margaret and Peter eventually reconcile, but new questions about what really happened when the lights went out arise when she gives birth exactly nine months after that fateful night.
Well the Delhiites too showed their comic side recently. Read this piece ….
Hindustan Times New Delhi, August 01, 2012 
While the power failure drove the whole country mad on Tuesday, Delhiites decided to make light of the darkness to make it easier to bear.  
Social networking sites Twitter and Facebook were flooded with jokes and one-liners such as:
 ‘Dear Rajinikanth, if you’re done charging your laptop, can we have our electricity back? Sincerely, north Indians!’ and ‘Spiderman found drunk and unconscious on Delhi pavement. Why? Because with no power, comes no responsibility!’
Many love birds were also overheard giving the ‘stuck in Metro’ excuse to their parents to spend more time with each other.
The most popular jokes:
An Angrez comes to Punjab to learn Punjabi. In 15 days, he learns only two lines: 1. Shukr hai light aa gayi. 2. Oh twaddi be*** di, fir gayi!
A lady to doctor: Doctor sahab, mere husband ko current lag gaya hai, main kya karun? Doctor: Pehle to bhagwaan ka shukr manaao ki aapke ghar pe light aa rahi hai!
India is the first country to invent a time-machine. It was tested successfully for two days. The North Indians were the privileged ones to travel twice to “Dark Ages” and back.
Pankaj Udhas is coming back with ‘Chithhi aayi hai’ part-2. He’s calling it ‘Bijli aayi hai, aayi hai, bijli aayi hai; bade dino ke baad.’ @Faking News
Powercut is the best time to convince your hot girlfriend to cool off by taking the clothes off.
Long power cut made life miserable. Worst affected was the Delhi Metro station where Santa-Banta got stuck for eight hours…on escalators!
Meanwhile in Delhi, DilliBoyz are shouting at power lines: “Jaante ho main kaun hoon!?” and wondering why it isn’t working!
Apparently, Anil Kapoor was in north India and trimming his chest hair when the massive load led to the #powercut. 
Call it humour in darkness….?


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  1. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Readers,

    Here is another viewpoint on the issue :

    PM MANMOHAN SINGH ON BLACKOUT…This was orchestrated. I wanted all Indians to experience for 8 hours what I have experienced for 8 years…..“NO POWER”…


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