A Hymn from Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)…

A Hymn from Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)

I had the good fortune of listening to a very meaningful hymn sung by professional singers in the nearby Gurudwara a few days ago. It is from page  44 of SGGS. It is generally sung on occasions of celebrations of happy events in the family or society. The Hymn is commonly begun with line number 6 which is used as the theme of the hymn to celebrate the occasion. Thereafter, other lines of the hymn are sung and line number 6 is repeated a number of times. 

I most humbly share with you the hymn. Each line is transcribed first into English from the original in Gurmukhi language for ease of understanding. Below it, is the meaning of the line expressed as simply as possible and as near in meaning to the original. I hope you will appreciate the central idea and the theme of this beautiful hymn. God Bless Us All with His Divine Grace.

1. Sabhey thok praptey jey aavey ikk hathth. – All things are received if the One* is obtained.(*His Holy Name)

2. Janam padarath safal hai jey sacha shabad kathth.- The precious gift of this human life becomes fruitful when one chants the True Word of the Shabad** (**Guru’s Words) 

3. Gur tey mehal praptey jiss likhiya hovey mathth.- One who has such destiny written on his forehead, only he enters the mansion of the Lord, And in His presence, through the Guru. 

4 .Merey mann  ek sio chitt laaey.- O my mind, focus your consciousness on the One. 

5. Ekas bin sabh dhandh hai,sabh mithiya moh maaey.- Without the One, all entanglements are worthless; emotional attachment to Maya is totally false. 

6.Lakh khushiyaan paatshahiyaan, jey satgur nadar karey.- Hundreds of thousands of princely pleasures are enjoyed, if the True Guru bestows His Glance of Grace. 

7.Nimakh ek harr naam dey,mera mann tann seetal hoey.- If He bestows the Name of the Lord on me, even for a moment, my mind and body are cooled and soothed. 

8. Jis ko poorab likhiya tinn satgur charan gahey.-Those who have such pre-ordained destiny hold tight to the Feet of the True Guru.

9. Safal moorat saflaa ghadi, jitt sachhey naal piaar.-Fruitful is that moment, and fruitful is that time, when one is in love with the True Lord. 

10. Dukh santaap naa lagai jiss harr ka naam aadhaar.- Sufferings and sorrow do not touch those who have the Support of the Name of the Lord. 

11. Baahn pakad gur kadhiya soyee utriiyaa paar.- Grasping them by the arm, the Guru lifts them up and out, and carries them across to the other side. 

12. Thaan suhaava pavit hai jiththey santt sabhaa.-Embellished and immaculate is that place where the Saints gather together.  

13. Dhoyee tiss hi no milley jinn poora guru labhaa.-He alone finds shelter, who has met the Perfect Guru. 

14. Nanak badhdha gharr taahan jithey mirat naa janam jarra.-Nanak builds his house upon that site where there is no death, no birth, and no old age. 

To listen to this hymn sung by professional singers, go to the following YOUTUBE LINK:



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2 Responses to A Hymn from Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)…

  1. anupamdeep bindra says:

    What a beautiful set of shloks selected by you ! Oftentimes we are lost and at sea in life…the sea of burdens and troubles but the biggest Thok -the name of waheguru is not the tool we resort to. Hard as it might be in the worldly mire of maya…it is meaningful to look for peace of mind with waheguru’s name.sometimes simplicity is so complex…
    thank you for reminding us all of this.
    anupamdeep.bindra, mercedes, tx
    Feb 02, 2012

  2. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Aanupamdeepji,thanks a lot for your valuable comments. May the good lord bless you !!

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Feb 02, 2012

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