Zoozoos Are Smiling…

Zoozoos Are Smiling…

I love Vodafone’s animated characters called Zoozoos. In fact there is a fans’ club who love zoozoos and at present there are around 28 lac fans of zoozoos. Zoozoos are white creatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads who are used to promote various value added services of Vodafone. Although these characters look animated, they are actually humans in Zoozoo costumes.Vodafone has been in the news since long,about a case filed by the Taxman for recovery of Rs.11000 crores.Today’s newspapers are full of the final decision of the concerned court. Here is a brief idea of the decision :

Justice KS Radhakrishnan summed it up well when, while delivering a separate but concurring judgment on the taxman’s Rs11,000 crore demand on Vodafone, he said that imposing capital gains taxes on Vodafone’s $11.1bn purchase of Hutch’s stake in its Indian telecom operations was tantamount to imposing capital punishment on capital investment in the country—indeed, if taxes had to be paid, they should have been paid by Hutch, not Vodafone.  Here is my take on this news:

Justice K S Radhakrishnan’s decision in Vodafone’s  case pertaining to the Taxman’s Rs.11,000 crore demand by way of capital gains tax on purchase of Hutch’s stake, is a historic judgement and will pave the way for more consolidation in the telecom sector. Vodafone must be surely happy with this ” justice delayed but not denied” chapter and brought cheers to millions of its Zoozoo fans.

Here is my short doggerel on the topic:

Taxman had come knocking

On Vodafone’s telecom door

You better pay or go away

If you can’t pay 11000 crore …

Justice Radhakrishnan said:

“Nothing doing, there isn’t any case”

His decision is a historic one:

– And the Zoozoos are smiling again!!  



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  1. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Friends
    FINANCIAL EXPRESS of today (25th Jan 2012) has published my letter,excluding the poem and in a very abridged form, as usual under the guise of space constraints.Here it is :

    Letters to the editor
    The Financial Express
    Posted: Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 at 0232 hrs IST
    Tags: ZooZoos Are Smiling | Justice KS Radhakrishnan

    ZooZoos are smiling

    Apropos of the editorial “No capital punishment” (FE, January 21), Justice KS Radhakrishnan’s decision in Vodafone’s case pertaining to the taxman’s R11,000 crore demand by way of capital gains tax on the purchase of Hutch’s stake is historic. The judgement will pave the way for more consolidation in the telecom sector. Vodafone must be really happy with this “justice delayed but not denied” chapter.

    JS Broca, New Delhi

  2. I love your writing style truly enjoying this site.

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