Khushwant Singh Inside The Light Bulb…

Khushwant Singh Inside The Light Bulb…

As mentioned in some of my older postings on this blog , I have been a great admirer and fan of Khushwant Singh.I have a huge collection of his famous jokes page titled “Ha!” from old issues of, the now defunct but then, very famous “THE ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY OF INDIA “

The Editorial page of THE WEEKLY was a pleasure to read and it was famous for its signature  cartoon showing Khushwant Singh inside a light bulb.

The cartoon was a creation of MARIO MIRANDA.

Here is the cartoon :


Later on,the same cartoon has been used in his famous column in Saturday editions of THE HINDUSTAN TIMES. The column is called  -“With Malice towards One and All” and enjoys a very huge readership.

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  1. Nilouffer says:

    I knew Mr Khushwant Singh as he used to be a regular at the Taj Health Club; Talking to him was a delight; His sense of humour and repartee was a fascinating change from the excercise routines others followed; After the Health Club routine, he used to come and sit with Mrs Bans and me and chat for a few minutes and the day would be a jolly day. What intelligence. Kudos to him

  2. Do you know this website is suggested by a number of other blogs? Nice work. Thank you very much!

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