Going Nowhere …

Going Nowhere ….

There was an interesting cover story about the Indian automobile sector in Business Today of  21st August 2011.

 I had liked the story and had written a letter to the Editor of BT as under :

Dear Sir,your cover story “GOING NOWHERE “(BT 21st August 2011) on India’s automobile industry, made interesting reading specially in light of the fact that foreign auto makers’ newest car launches are NOW HERE, leaving the consumers spoilt for choice and options at various price points with latest technology, international designs, sleek interiors and ‘wow’ features.

The situation reminds me of the opening scene of Raj Kapoor’s movie Shri 420, where, Raj the tramp, is at a  road intersection, thumbing up for a ride on a passing car, but none stops to give him a lift. Finally, he says:” Ek car, Do car, Teen car, Sab Bekaar “ and starts walking ….
The irritants like 5 Ms (Men, Money, Materials, Matter and Mandarin) as per Vikas Sehgal of Rothschild, need  to be critically examined and appropriate strategies need to be formulated to combat  with a view to have viable levels of production of various makes/models. Of course, as regards the  sixth M (Market) there is no dearth of it even in rural areas, which have of late, been spawning the breed of noveau-rich agriculturists,who have sold their lands to realtors and have deeper pockets as well as a very common human streak of showing off the latest models of cars parked in front of their ancient havelis ( We can also recall the scenes of rural grooms coming for marriages in choppers )
The Government needs to seriously think of extending sops like concessional rates of interest, lower taxes and duties, reducing  inspector raj and providing necessary infrastructural support for a healthy forward push and impetus to this stalling industry.
 J S Broca
New Delhi.
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