1.VVS Laxman accused of using Vaseline on bat.Press Trust Of India

Jul 31, 2011  Nottingham: It was jelly beans four years ago and it is Vaseline this time as a controversy erupted in the second India-England Test here when VVS Laxman was accused of using it on his bat to manipulate the Hot-Spot technology in the Decision Review System. To read more,go to the following link :
 “Has Vaseline on the outside edge saved the day for Laxman?” tweeted Vaughan after the third umpire ruled the Indian not out as England pressed for the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) in the second Test at Trent Bridge recently.
To read more,go to the following link:
3.VASELINE :Vaseline is a very well known and a commonly used ointment (?) from the Unilever group.Readers will recall the use of the words about Zandu Balm in the lyrics of the recently famous song “Munni Badnaam Hui ” from Dabangg,picturised on Malaika Arora and later on she got to feature in actual ads for the Zandu group riding on the wave of fame (?).Now will VVSL get Vaseline ads ? Will he become Brand Ambassador for Vaseline ? Wait and watch.Meanwhile,the makers of Vaseline,have come out first with a long ad in the print media.Hindustan Times (HT) had displayed the ad spread over 3 pages on 10.08.11.The first part of the ad was on HT’s page 1.It showed a long wooden bat with a red cross over it to signify that the bat was injured.(?) There was no ad copy in this part,but the bottom of the ad  said :To know more turn to page 19 (of HT).The second part of the ad on page 19 displayed the same bat with the cross but much longer in size compared to the one on page 1.The ad copy in this part said :’Dear Mr.Vaughan,in India,Vaseline is used for: …..Then followed a l-o-n-g list of various skin related ailments and various body parts where vaseline is used- like dry extremities,hands,nappy rash,dry nostrils,cheeks,shoe bites etc etc.At the bottom of the ad,it says :Let Mr.Vaughan know.Visit  www.facebook.com/vaseline       
Third part of the ad on page 21 of HT shows abig circle with a small bat and a big red cross across it.The ad copy says in bold letters:Mr.Vaughan Vaseline is not used on cricket bats.
This part of the ad further invites readers to participate in a red badge exercise by saying:If you agree with us that Vaseline is used for everything good,please let Mr.Vaughan know by making this your badge on facebook.The name of the website is given at the end as www.facebook.com/vaseline 
As per their invitation,I had also participated in the exercise and my photograph on my FB page now shows a badge with a bat and a red cross in the bottom right corner. 
Enjoyed reading,writing,participating in this campaign.
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  1. J S Broca says:

    One more use of vaseline subsequent to the vaseline on bat episode of vvslaxman in a recent cricket match with England :
    A woman answers the door to a market researcher. “Good morning madam, I’m doing some research for Vaseline. Do you use it at all in your household?”
    “Oh yes, all the time.It’s very good for cuts, grazes and burns.”
    “Do you use it for anything else?”
    “Ahem.. err.. well.. during.. ahem.. sex.”
    Well madam, I am astonished with your honesty.
    Out of all the people who have completed our research questionaire, you are first to admit using it for sex. Would you mind explaining for me, how you use it during sex?
    “Oh, why of course.
    It is quite simple really,..
    the first thing we do is lock the door. Then we just smear it all over the bedroom doorknob,this way the kids can’t get in.”
    Keep smiling and finding more such uses of vaseline !
    New Delhi
    18th Aug 2011

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