Bread and poetry….

Bread and Poetry ….  

Here is a delightful news item from a news paper report,which I would like to share with my readers :
Many of our parliamentarians have a poetic side and some of them really let it loose during last week’s debate on price rise. Here was Salman Khurshid’s metaphorically eloquent (and elusive) defence of his government’s record on growth and inflation: Take the case of the old man and his lathi. Sure it’s giving him support but someone could ask, why did you cut a tree? It’s all a question of perspective, of who we want to help move forward. (FE 08.08.2011) 
Your responses will be welcomed ! 
My take on the subject matter is this : There is a popular proverb in Hindi which goes like this :”Jiss ki lathi,uss ki bhains!” The meaning of this is as under :
1.Whoever owns the stick owns the buffalo.
2.It’s always the powerful who gets lion’s share.
3.English equivalent: Might is right. 
Draw your own conclusions ! Keep smiling ! 
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3 Responses to Bread and poetry….

  1. J S Broca says:

    Dear Readers,
    This is what I wrote to the editor of FE in response :
    Dear Editor,
    This refers to your column “Eavesdropper” in FE of 08.08.2011 titled :”Bread and Poetry”.
    Salman Khurshid’s attempt on justifying inflation through the example of the old-man and his wooden walking stick was noteworthy,but I hope the Minister is aware of a popular proverb in Hindi,which goes thus:”Jiss ki lathi,uss ki bhains!” The meaning of this is as under : 1.Whoever owns the stick owns the buffalo.
    2.It’s always the powerful who gets lion’s share.3.English equivalent: Might is right. Draw your own conclusions,Sir !
    New Delhi.

  2. J S Broca says:

    Dear readers,here are 2 comments copied from IPS where this piece was also posted :

    Vanam Venkata Varaprasadarao— Sat sri akaal bhai..bahuth achche..jiskee vaanee(word..) uskee baanee..(style..)ha ha ha …

    Kumarendra Mallick Mallick— Jatinder ji, Salman Khurshid ji ki baat sahi hai,the hon’ble MP wishes the old man to bank on him instead of being independent.

    J S Broca,New Delhi

  3. Hasmukh Mehta says:

    It is head on to mean poetically this way… your note nicely portrayed the situation.

    Politicians may say anything for people to digest
    They may advise to remain calm and suggest
    Might can belong to them with dutiful right
    Men in streets must forget to fight for tights

    Whoever holds key
    He feels mighty and free
    Why bother about environment?
    Why to protect that movement?

    We are born a thief
    Why at all us need any brief?
    Grab whatever you can
    Pretend you are a noble man

    Politics is not for scoundrels
    It is meant to earn laurels
    Who says they have no appetite for food?
    When entire forest can disappear with its wood?

    Love not and hate not too
    It is right if you want to go through
    Nation and its people can go to hell
    When they make no difference to utter and tell.

    Hasmukh Mehta, Ahmedabad
    Aug 09, 2011

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