Statutory Warning !


You are addicted to FB when..
You refer to Facebook affectionately as FB
You think that complaining or creating groups will actually bring about a change.
You join a new facebook group on a daily basis
You Search this website if you have a similar symptoms.
You have to log-in to your facebook account just to message someone that’s sitting less than 20 feet away from you in the other room.
You need to login to tell someone in your household how much you love them.
You go to your neighbour with a pen and write “you look awsome!” all over his wall, and then later call him and say that you have just written on his wall.
The first thing you do when you get up in the morning isn’t brushing your teeth, it’s getting on facebook to see if there’s any recent posts or to update your status.
You check your Facebook from the toilet.
You change your status at least 5 times a day.
You get all excited every time you get an e-mail alert on you cell phone hoping that it might be a message on facebook.
Your dreams involve people writing messages on your wall.
Your lonely boyfriend broke up with you by posting a comment on your facebook page.
Your profile has so man applications that it takes several minutes to load.


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