Breaking News….

Breaking News…. 

The media is going gaga over the news item regarding Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy.Here is what I spontaneously wrote under a funny poem of a poet on a forum:

Aish-Abhishek wedded 4 years ago,Nation worried,Finally,BIG B Tweets today that Aish is pregnant ! Breaking News :Big B to be a Grand Father ! Nation happy !
The bug continued to bite me.So here is what I instantly posted below a funny poem on another site :
20th April 2007 Aish-Abhishek marry

2007-2011 Nation worries….

2011 June 22nd Big B Spills beans-

Aish is on the family way…

Nation is happy !

Well, the creative bug continued to bite me and finally this is the poem I composed in a matter of about 15 minutes.Enjoy this creative baby of mine :

Breaking News 

It’s time for breaking news: 

Inflation may climb on forecast

Of deficient monsoons, they say

But its raining good wishes

On Big B and Abby Baby’s ways.

On forecast of Aish’s baby.

Don’t worry, be happy ! 

Greece under spell of financial ill-health

Greece PM survives vote of confidence

But all is well on our Bollywood front

As a spell of expectancy takes hold

3G Version of Bachchan Junior due shortly.

Don’t worry, be happy ! 

Auto companies hope to revive sales

With new launches in near future.

Fans of Bachchans revive their faith

At last Abhishek delivers a hit at home

Expected launch in November, of New Baby, 

Don’t worry, be happy ! 

Corruption more serious than Pak

Says Anna Hazare in Lokpal Meet

To hell with meetings, dharnas and fasts

Lets rejoice while euphoria lasts

Ab Buddha Hoga Grand Pappy,

Don’t worry, be happy ! 

Aish’s Doctor enjoys her minute of fame,

Astrologers predict health, glory, joy and name.

Microblogging on Twitter has hearty pokes

With funnies galore on Abhishek’s “No Idea” jokes.

Soon they will suggest names for this wonder baby.

Don’t worry, be happy ! 

A baby is always welcome, a bundle of joy so ample

An answer to a family’s prayers, visits to temples

No doubt the Bollywood’s First Family

Is overwhelmed with good wishes and blessings.

Watch the newspapers, magazines and the Telly,

Don’t worry,be happy !

Your responses will be highly appreciated !


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2 Responses to Breaking News….

  1. JYOTI says:

    Dear Broca Sir, another tongue-in-cheek , hilarious poem reflecting the attitudes of the people of present times when lives of film stars seem more fascinating than the problems of daily lives and the international news. Kudos !

    Jyoti Sabharwal, Faridabad
    Jun 25, 2011

  2. manmeet chaddha says:

    Dear Sir, delighted to read your latest humorous take on the latest celebrity news about Bollywood’s first family expansion in your inimitable style. Keep us regaled with such funny postings from time to time.

    Manmeet Chaddha, Chandigarh
    Jun 25, 2011

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