Baba Ramdev –Humour

Baba Ramdev –Humour

The Baba is in the news again-for right or wrong reasons.I feel that he should stick to his core competencies -peddaling ayurvedic placebos to the faithful followers of the system or teaching yogic postures to those interested.

Yearning for political mileage or patronage should be far away from his agenda. His peccadilloes have lead to posting of several humourous take offs on the Baba by funsters like me. Here are a few samples : 

Once a guy winked at Rajnikant’s wife, Rajni twisted his limbs and broke his eyelid…..We now know him as Baba Ramdev. 

Baba Ramdev,pulled in a deep breath from his nostrils.The breath escaped from his behind with a noise !

Asked a Bhakta :”Baba,what was that ?” Baba said: ” Cross Ventilation.”  

Keep smiling….more later….!! 

BTW, if you wish to see Baba’s Pet Dog, go to :


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  1. IVY says:

    Thanks, Mr Broca, that was hilarious! Here’s my addition to the second joke – Baba said, “Its cross ventil-asana.” I hope you also liked my limerick on Baba Super-girl. Maybe we could collect these jokes, get a cartoonist to make some drawings and publish them in a book…It would be a bestseller!

    Ivy Hansdak, New Delhi
    Jun 09, 2011

  2. J S Broca says:

    Dear IVY thanks for your lively response.Just posted my version of a limerick on Ram Dev in response to yours.All the best !

    J S BROCA, new delhi
    Jun 11, 2011

  3. J S Broca says:

    Dear Readers here is one more on Ram Dev :

    Mallika Sherawat nein

    Baba Ramdev Ji sey poochha,

    Ki mein nahatey samay kya lagaun,

    Ki mera yauvan surakshit rahey ?

    Baba nein kaha …


    J S BROCA, new delhi
    Jun 11, 2011

  4. kumarendra Mallick says:

    Very nice, Jatinder saheb. Baba Ramdev is pleading for wellness in body and mind. When he thought of mind he stumbled upon ‘corruption’. This needs to be removed by ‘cross-ventilation’ of the politicians: what they swallow in India is soon left into the foreign banks.

    Taking your logic that Swami Ramdev should stick to his expertise, why not the lawyers (or liers) stick to the court premises instead of polluting the temple of democracy, the Parliament, by their cross-ventilation.

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Jun 11, 2011

  5. J S Broca says:

    Dear Readers,
    Here is one on the BABA by Ivy Hansdak :

    When Baba ran and swooped into the swirl,
    The cops went mad, their moustaches a-twirl;
    They found the little Baba
    Dancing like the Lady Gaga–
    In his new avatar as a sexy SUPER-GIRL!

    Presented by

  6. J S Broca says:

    Dear IVY, good one !

    Here is my version on Baba Ramdev :

    The yogi ran down the Ram Lila stage,

    When police charged lathies in a rage,

    He escaped their advances

    Taking all the chances,

    Dressed up in a woman’s ways !

    J S BROCA, new delhi
    Jun 12, 2011

  7. Ivy Hansdak says:

    Your blog is v good, Mr Broca. I like the humour and the cartoons look great…by the way, you should also post on facebook wall and tag us. Mr Mallick and others do it a lot. I too do it sometimes….:)

  8. atreya sarma says:

    Humour, frivolity, and trivialisation apart, Ramdev Baba has researched a lot on yoga and relatively cheap Ayurvedic therapies, and he has been immensely contributing to the field of holistic health by his missionary-spirited propagation. And millions of people following him are no fools. Any right thinking government would have recognised his services and offered incentives too. Our ministers keep on harping that the government can’t do each and everything on its own without active public participation and cooperation. And when people like Ramdev Baba and Anna Hazare, with their mass following, come forward for a pubic cause, why take umbrage and make obliquely ‘Sibalesque,’ and demeaningly ‘Dig-gy’ innuendoes? When political power is all-encompassing in our country, and when it has gone to the heads of the politicos – on whom there is no effective check, entry of more and more well-meaning and articulate people into politics and allied fields should be most welcome. In our style of democracy where even illiterates can make it to the top, trying to keep away the knowledgeable, wise, and vibrant in the name of ‘core competencies’ would be tantamount to turning democracy into an oligarchy. It also raises the question: Which is the “core competency” one should possess to talk of and take part in public affairs? Thanks anyway, Brocaji, for the provoking poke. [I happened to see your post just now. Hence my belated response.]

    U Atreya Sarma, Secunderabad
    Jul 08, 2011

  9. J S Broca says:

    Dear Atreyaji, I relished your response (better late than never) to my posting.You have made certain valid points in your response.I am neither an advocate of Ayurveda nor a follower of Baba style Yogic postures.”Core Competencies”is an oft used management jargon in corporate sector and so I used the word to convey that Baba should continue to do what he is good at doing instead of harbouring political ambitions.Thanks.May the tribe of do-gooders like Ramdev and Hazare increase !

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Jul 8, 2011

  10. nilouffer says:

    I agree with you, Jatinder, Using your core competency in improving lifestyles and living conditions; Good Health is what Ramdevji should spread thru his teachings; Bigger and Real Yoga Teachers have never gone down to the level of political vendetta which has not improved anything so far; infact it has dwindled into a joke .. Poor Ramdev ji … Shanti man ki usi mein hai…

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