What is Facebook ?

What is Facebook ?
As per information gathered from Wikipedia,here is something about Facebook :
Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. As of January 2011,Facebook had more than 600 million active users.Users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Facebook users must register before using the site. Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college, or other characteristics. The name of the service stems from the colloquial name for the book given to students at the start of the academic year by university administrations in the United States to help students get to know each other better.
Facebook allows any users who declare themselves to be at least 13 years old to become registered users of the website.Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.The website’s membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It gradually added support for students at various other universities before opening to high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over, but based on ConsumersReports.org on May 2011, there are 7.5 million children under 13 with accounts, violating the site’s terms.
A January 2009 Compete.com study ranked Facebook as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users, followed by MySpace.Entertainment Weekly included the site on its end-of-the-decade “best-of” list, saying, “How on earth did we stalk our exes, remember our co-workers’ birthdays, bug our friends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous before Facebook?”Quantcast estimates Facebook has 138.9 million monthly unique U.S. visitors in May 2011. According to Social Media Today, in April 2010 an estimated 41.6% of the U.S. population had a Facebook account.
Here is some criticism of Facebook : 

Facebook has met with controversies. It has been blocked intermittently in several countries including the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Bangladesh on different bases.  

For example, it was banned in many countries of the world on the basis of allowed content judged as anti-Islamic and containing religious discrimination. It has also been banned at many workplaces to prevent employees wasting their time on the site. 

The privacy of Facebook users has also been an issue, and the safety of user accounts has been compromised several times. Facebook has settled a lawsuit regarding claims over source code and intellectual property. 

In May 2011 emails were sent to journalists and bloggers making critical allegations about Google’s privacy policies; however it was later discovered that the anti-Google campaign, conducted by PR giant Burson-Marsteller, was paid for by Facebook in what CNN referred to as “a new level skullduggery” and which Daily Beast called a “clumsy smear.” 

Why I joined Facebook ? 

Seeing to the pressures from my friends,relatives,students,bank collegues etc,I had joined FB sometime ago and as on date I have 87 friends.I am still to become an addict though.I VALUE MY PRIVACY and so hesitate to be more open by posting family photographs etc.I restrict using my account for chatting with a few members sometime and posting my articles,poems etc from my blog. 

Jokes on FB : 

There are many jokes in circulation about FB and its impact,addiction,usage etc.From time to time I hope to post some jokes on this blog with a view to justify the tag-line of my blog :”Laughter is the best medicine.” 

Here is the first one in this series : 

More on FB later.Till then,keep smiling…

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10 Responses to What is Facebook ?

  1. kumarendra Mallick says:

    Jatinder ji, Face Book is indeed for Face Value! It is the boys who ‘comment’, send ‘likes’ and invite to be ‘friends’. Why to blame the innocent faces!! Besides do you visit ‘beauty parlours’, do facials and remain fit? Girls must be prized for their labour. And after all it is all for us… so much sacrifice!

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Jun 07, 2011

  2. Ramabrahmam says:

    Broca ji it is the order of the nature. Natural order and attraction; as you must be aware, social networking sites are for places for more “fun” and less friendship. Regards.

    V Ramabrahmam, Pondicherry
    Jun 07, 2011

  3. J S Broca says:

    Dear Mallick ji and Ramabrahmamji, many thanks for your lively and scintillating responses.

    JS Broca, New Delhi
    Jun 07, 2011

  4. J S Broca says:

    Dear Readers,here is another situation from FB :

    Dad writes on Son’s wall….
    “Son, how have you been ?
    Your Mom and I am fine.
    We miss You a lot.
    We wish to see you…
    So please turn off your PC and
    Come downstairs for Dinner “.

    Sad but true !!

    J S BROCA, new delhi
    Jun 08, 2011

  5. J S Broca says:

    Dear Readers,
    Here is a poem about FBand its perils by my friend Atreya Sarma :
    Facebook escapades
    [In a lighter vein]
    Those scared to squarely face the call of life
    Escape into the endless pages of the Facebook.
    Some lurk behind a face that is their own;
    Others hide behind a fake one or a bizarre thing;
    And a few others behind a safe faceless face.
    They make and join all groups like mad;
    They feed all news; keep busy grazing it
    Only to droop tired at the end of the day.
    Bedaub they everything on the wall,
    And get driven to the wall, forgetting that walls have ears.
    The Facebook-worms indulge in their prattle race.
    No hour is bad, any and every hour, yes, they key in
    And dump it with all their posts and ripostes;
    Are keyed up every time a new invite comes up.
    To look better they fix a new photo for a facelift.
    Unwarily they go on baring their privacies
    Only to face the bitter part of music then.
    Every doodle adds up to their time capsule
    And turns into a time bomb to explode.
    So blokes, beware of the spooky Facebook.
    Ring a death knell to your geeky and nerdy lives;
    Come out into the open and enjoy the healthy breeze;
    And feast on the bounties of the real face book of the world.

    U Atreya Sarma, Jul 08, 2011
    Secunderabad, atreyasarma@gmail.com

  6. J S Broca says:

    Dear Friends,here is my response to the above poem :

    Dear Atreya ji , a real picture of the FB and its perils, addiction etc. I am a recent FB member but I know my limits. I am very selective about whom I befriend. I am careful about what I post.Family photos and secret affairs are a strict no no! FB is very addictive indeed and what can happen if we are not careful, well the following story will illustrate it:
    Facebook : This day Awaits us all …
    The 76-year-old woman walked down the hallway of Clearview Addiction Clinic, searching for the right department. She passed signs for the ‘Heroin Addiction Department (HAD)’, the ‘Smoking Addiction Department (SAD)’ and the ‘Bingo Addiction Department (BAD)’.Then she spotted the department she was looking for: ‘Facebook Addiction Department (FAD)’.

    It was the busiest department in the clinic, with about three dozen people filling the waiting room, most of them staring blankly into their Blackberries and i-Phones. A middle-aged man with un-kept hair was pacing the room, muttering, “I need to milk my cows. I need to milk my cows.” A twenty-something man was prone on the floor, his face buried in his hands, while a curly-haired woman comforted him, “Don’t worry. It’ll be all right.” “I just don’t understand it. I thought my update was LOL-worthy, but none of my friends even clicked the ‘like ‘button.” “How long has it been?” “Almost five minutes. That’s like five months in the real world.” The 76-year-old woman waited until her name was called, then followed the receptionist into the office of Alfred Zulu, Facebook Addiction Counselor.
    “Please have a seat, Edna,” he said with a warm smile. “And tell me how it all started.”
    “Well, it’s all my grandson’s fault. He sent me an invitation to join Facebook. I had never heard of Facebook before, but I thought it was something for me, because I usually have my face in a book.”
    “How soon were you hooked?” “Faster than you can say ‘create a profile. ‘I found my self on Facebook at least eight times each day — and more times at night. Sometimes I’d wake up in the middle of the night to check it, just in case there was an up date from one of my new friends in India.
    My husband didn’t like that. He said that friendship is a precious thing and should never be out sourced.” “What do you like most about Facebook?” “What do you like MOST about Facebook?” “It makes me feel like I have a life. In the real world, I have only five or six friends, but on Facebook, I have 674.Even I’m Friends With Juan Carlos Montoya.
    “Who’s he?” “I don’t know, but he’s got 4,000 friends, so he must be famous.”
    “Facebook has helped you make some connections,I see.”
    “Oh yes. I’ve even connected with some of the gals from high school –I still call them ‘gals.’ I hadn’t heard from some of them in ages, so it was exciting to look at their profiles and figure out who’s retired, who’s still working, and who’s had some work done. I love browsing their photos and reading their updates. I know where they’ve been on vacation, which movies they’ve watched, and whether they hang their toilet paper over or under. I’ve also been playing a game with some of them.”
    “Let me guess. Farmville?” “No, Mafia Wars. I’m a Hitman. No one messes with Edna.” “Wouldn’t you rather meet some of your friends in person?” “No, not really. It’s so much easier on Facebook. We don’t need to gussy ourselves up. We don’t need to take baths or wear perfume or use mouthwash. That’s the best thing about Facebook — you can’t smell anyone. Everyone is attractive, because everyone has picked a good profile pic. One of the gals is using a profile pic that was taken, I’m pretty certain, during the Eisenhower Administration.”
    “What pic are you using?” “Well, I spent five hours searching for a profile pic, but couldn’t find one I really liked. So I decided to visit the local beauty salon.”
    “To make yourself look prettier?” “No, to take a pic of one of the young ladies there.That’s what I’m using.”
    “Didn’t your friends notice that you look different?”
    “Some of them did, but I just told them I’ve been doing lots of yoga.”
    “When did you realize that your Facebooking might be a problem?”
    “I realized it last Sunday night, when I was on Facebook and saw a message on my wall from my husband: ‘I moved out of the house five days ago. Just thought you should know.'”
    “What did you do?” “What else? I unfriended HIM of course!”

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Jul 8, 2011

  7. J S Broca says:

    Dear Friends,
    Here is Atreya ji’s response to my reply :
    Dear Broca ji, I literally rolled on the floor, holding my torso tight to prevent my ribs from cracking up. How on earth you can come up with such side-splitters! It’s a piece to be preserved. Thank you a ton.

    U Atreya Sarma, Secunderabad
    Jul 8, 2011

  8. J S Broca says:

    Dear Atreya ji, thanks for Rolling With Laughter On The Floor in response to my response. Sometime ago I had posted an opinion on YS of MI titled What is Facebook ? (7th June 2011) There were few responses. I have now taken the liberty of posting your lovely poem about FB on my blog along with mine and your responses. Please go to the following link to see my blog and the responses etc but do leave your footprints there. Thanks.Link: http://seeingwithc.org/jsblog/?p=1840

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Jul 09, 2011

  9. U Atreya Sarma says:

    Broca ji, You have an irrepressible penchant for regaling the people – by being witty, humorous, facetious, even ribald – but based on painstaking search & research, engaging narrative style and effective expression. You’re a specialist in your own way. If only I am permitted to confer honorary doctorates, you’ll be Dr JS Broca, DoHH (Doctor of Healthy Humour). Better get that part of your brain in you that is responsible for humour, insured – and amply. LoL, dear. ~ U Atreya Sarma, Secunderabad.

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