Fun Unlimited…

Fun Unlimited…
Ek haseena par nigaahein thehri thhee,
Uski aankhein jheel sey bhi gehree thhee.
Thakk gaya main usey I love You kehtey kehtey,
Fir pata chala yaar woh to behree thhee ! 

Translation : 

My eyes feasted on her beautiful face,

Her eyes were as deep as waters of a lake.

I said ILU ILU to her,until I got tired.

She was stone deaf,it finally transpired ! 

2.Heaven & Hell 

N A M A S K A A R !

Zindaa ho tau ek SMS bhejo.

Aasmaan mein chaley gaye ho,

Tau baarish bhejo.

Swarg mein ho,

Tau Apsara bhejo.  

Agar narak mein ho tau-

Enjoy yourself !   

Translation :

G R E E T I N G S !

If you are alive,send an SMS.

If you are in the skies above,

Send me some rain.

If you are in the Heavens,

Send me an Angel  from there.

If by chance you are in Hell,

Then E N J O Y yourself there ! 


Is saadgi par kaun naan marr jayey  ya khuda ? 

Ladtey hain, parr haathh mein belan bhi nahin hai !!  

Translation : 
 Oh God,who wouldn’t love her sheer innocence !

She fights,but without even a rolling pin in her hand !! 

4.Vital Signs 

Yeh sulagta jism,
Yeh kamp-kampatey honth,
Yeh thartharata badan,
Yeh ladkhadati aawaz,…..
Mujhey  pehley  hee pata tha,
Ki tujhey Malaria huaa hai !! 

Translation : 

This burning skin,

These fluttering lips,

This shivering body,

This unclear speech,…..

I knew that it was not Love,

But these were vital signs of Malaria !  

5.Why I miss you ? 

Yaad aati hai teri jaagtey-sotey,

Din kattey hain teri khatir rotey-rotey.

Kaash tum merey saath yahan hotey,

Kum sey kum merey kuchch kapdey tau dhotey !! 

Translation : 

I remember you while I am asleep or awake too.

My days simply pass moaning and crying for you.

How I wish you were here with me now dearie-

Sharing my burden-by washing some of my dirty laundry ! 

6.The world is round  

Duniyaan gol hai ! Proof chahiyeh ?

Cockroch chuhey sey darta hai,

Chuha billi sey,

Billi kuttey sey,

Kutta aadmi sey,

Aadmi apni Girlfriend sey,

Aur Girlfriend cockroch sey !! 

Translation : 

The world is round.

Need proof ? Here it is :

Cockroach fears the mouse.

Mouse is afraid of the cat.

Cat fears the dog.

Dog is afraid of man.

The man fears his Girlfriend.

Girlfriend is afraid of cockroach !

QED ! 

7.Waiting for a discount

 Laila ko Majnu ka SMS nahin aaya,

Laila nein teen din khana nahin khaaya.

Laila marr rahi thii, Majnu key pyaar mein,

Majnu baitha tha SMS free honey key  intezaar mein…!  

Translation : 

Laila was anxiously waiting for Majnu’s SMS.

Laila did not eat food for three days.

Laila was dying for Majnu’s love.

Poor Majnu was waiting for free SMS scheme ! 

8. Savings.

Dard-e-dil  mein, gum ki kaliyaan khilti hain,

Abb tau tanhai aksar hum sey milti hai,

Aap nein band kiya jab sey SMS karna,

Mobile ki battery zyaada chalti hai !!  

Translation : 

Buds of sorrow bloom in sorrows of sadness.

Loneliness is my usual constant companion.

The day since you have stopped sending me SMS,

I am saving a lot-since my mobile battery now lasts longer ! 

9.Moon Mania 

Yeh chaand bhi kya zulm dhaata hai !

Bachpan mein Mama

Aur jawani mein Sanam nazar aata hai !! 

Translation : 

This Moon fascinates people in various ways.

In childhood,it is a child’s maternal uncle,

And in youth,it appears to be like one’s beloved ! 


 Jeewan bima waaley bhi,

Kitni besharmi sey pesh aatey hain,

Pati ki maut sey kya kya faaydey hongey,

Ghanton baith karr uski patni ko samjhatey hain !! 

Translation : 

These life insurance agents are a shamelss clan.

They market their schemes with such elan.

What benefits will be gained on  hubby’s demise-

They explain to the wife endlessly,oh what a surprise ! 


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8 Responses to Fun Unlimited…

  1. Shernaz says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. Keep sharing.

  2. manmeet chaddha says:

    Respected Broca Sir,seeing your funny posting after quite some time.Enjoyed your digs at various situations from real life,with your really entertaining takes on them in your signature style.All the best !

    Manmeet Chaddha, Chandigarh
    May 31, 2011

  3. JYOTI says:

    Broca Sir,what a delicious concoction of humour golguppas ! Sweet,sour,tangy and tasty ! Delighted to read them and enjoy them ! Thanks for sharing.Great going Sir !

    Jyoti Sabharwal, Faridabad
    June 01, 2011

  4. Radhika Sabharwal says:

    Respected Broca Sir,I read your unlimited fun posting and enjoyed it a lot.I appreciate the efforts you make to spread cheer and smiles all around.People it seems have forgotten to smile and laugh but postings like yours make them realise what they are missing.Keep it up Sir !!

    Radhika Sabharwal, Delhi University,Delhi
    June 02, 2011

  5. gurpreet says:

    Dear Sir, simply loved reading and enjoying your really funny postings.You rock !

    Gurpreet Arora,
    New Delhi
    Jun 02, 2011

  6. IVY says:

    Dear Mr Broca, I enjoyed reading your poetry – both the Hindi originals and the Englsih translations. They showed a great sense of fun as well as excellent verbal dexterity. Please continue to amuse us.

    Ivy Hansdak, New Delhi
    Jun 05, 2011

  7. A really useful post – Thank you very much.

  8. nilouffer says:

    Jatinder ji,
    Your sense of fun is so contagious. Any subject and you twist it to see the fun side of life. I couldnt stop reading and having a laugh plus admiring your poetic talent… I consider myself lucky to read your blog.
    Keep giving us more…God bless

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