Not difficult to swallow…

Not difficult to swallow…

I had posted a piece titled :” EXPORTS MANAGEMENT ” on 10th May 2011 . To read it directly,go to the following link: 
I had sent my views to the Editor of FE .Today’s issue of FE carries an abridged version of my letter under “Letters to the Editor” column.
Here is the letter finally published in FE today :
Letters to the editor
The Financial Express-Thursday, May 19, 2011 
Tags: ‘Swallows And Exports’   
Not difficult to swallow 
Apropos of the editorial ‘Swallows and exports’ (FE, May 5), the reasons behind our lacklustre performance on the exports front are not difficult to swallow! Making policy guidelines is one thing, but ensuring provision of required infra-structural facilities and linkages of prime importance is another significant aspect.
Serious thinking needs to be done in the following major areas:
(a) Accelerating the economy from low level activities to high level ones by making it globally oriented with a view to derive maximum benefits from global markets.
(b) Stimulating sustained economic growth by providing access to essential raw-materials, intermediates, components and capital goods required for increasing production.
(c) Enhancing technological efficiency of agricultural, industrial and service sectors, with a view to improve their competitiveness.
(d) Generating new employment opportunities and encouraging attainment of internationally accepted quality standards.
(e) Providing quality consumer products at reasonable prices.
Furthermore, it is felt that genuine representations from various associations of leather goods, handloom sector, textiles, gems & jewellery, handicrafts, toys, electronics, sports goods, etc, need to be given a sympathetic hearing, so that these sectors significantly add to our exports kitty. 
JS Broca, New Delhi


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    J S Broca
    19th May 2011

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