Exports Management…

Exports Management …

During my long tenure with BANK OF INDIA (29 years),one of my favourite areas of interest was EXPORTS.I have dealt with appraisal,inspection and financing of Exports.I have seen many EOUs (Export Oriented Units) and have talked to MBA students on the subject of EXPORTS MANAGEMENT.   


Recently,there was a lovely piece on this favourite subject of mine,in FE.
To read it, please go to the following link :
On reading the piece,this is what I had written to the editor in response :
Dear Sir,
This refers to your hard-hitting Editorial titled :”Swallows and exports” of 5th May 2011.The reasons behind our lack-lustre performance on the exports front, are not difficult to swallow !
Making policy guidelines is one thing, but ensuring provision of  required infra-structural  facilities and linkages of prime importance,is another significant aspect too.
Serious thinking needs to be done in following major areas so that overall improvement is there in near future:
a) Accelerating the economy from low level activities to high level economic activities by making it a globally oriented vibrant economy with a view to derive maximum benefits from expanding global markets.
b) Stimulating sustained economic growth by providing access to essential raw-materials, intermediates, components, consumables and capital goods required for increasing production.
c) Enhancing technologica1 efficiency of our agricultural, industrial and service sectors, with a view to improve their competitiveness.
d)Generating new employment.opportunities and encouraging attainment of internationally accepted  quality standards.
e) Providing quality consumer products at  reasonable prices.
A few of the irritants that seriously affect our export performance are as under:
1) Support for Technological up-gradation
2) Benefit and flexibility to Status Holders
3) Stability / Continuity of the Foreign Trade Policy
4) Procedural Simplification and Reduction of Transaction Costs.
Furthermore,it is felt that genuine representations from various associations of leather goods,handloom sector,textiles,gems and jewellery,handicrafts,toys,electronics,sports goods etc need to be given a sympathetic hearing,so that these sectors become buoyant once again and significantly add to our exports kitty.
Also the role of Exports Promotion Councils and such other facilitating bodies need to be made distinct and target oriented.
Bankers too need to be sensitised to have qualified and experienced work force manning their Exports and Foreign Exchange portfolios/desks so that required timely help and guidance is made to all exporters.
Let us hope our Exports Sector will soon become a Sunrise Sector once again and sooner the better.
Let me see if my views are published in the news paper in a few days or not.


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