The seven blessings of marriage..

The seven blessings of marriage
Here is a compilation of seven blessings of marriage.First in Hindi,then translated into English:
Shadi ke saat sukh
1. subah subah garam pani milega (bartan dhoney ke liye)
2. pyarey pyarey bachey milenge (aapko gadha banane ke liye)
3. har roz biwi aapsey pyar sey bolegi (rashan laney ke liye)
4. biwi aapki bahon mein bahen dalegi (kharcha pani ke liye)
5. aap gana gana shuru kar dogey (bachon ko sulaney ke liye)
6.woh roz tyaar ho kar  samney ayegi (shopping pey jaane ke liye)
7. aapko bhi whisky ka mazza aayega (kuchch pal gham bhulaney ke liye) 

The seven blessings of marriage will get hot water every morning. (for washing the dishes) will have lovely children. (to ride on you as if riding on a donkey)
3.your wife will talk sweetly to you everyday.(to fetch things for your home)
4.your wife will take you lovingly in her arms. (to ask for her pocket money) will start singing. (to put your children to sleep at night)
6.she will come before you daily beautifully decked up.(to go for her shopping spree) will enjoy your daily peg of whiskey. ( to make you forget your sorrows a while)

Happy married life….to you. 

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4 Responses to The seven blessings of marriage..

  1. m v venkataraman says:

    Dear poet, I thought only Khushwant Singh is humorous, But all singhs in joking are equally prosperous. Nice. Thanks.

    mvvenkataraman, Chennai
    Apr 23, 2011

  2. seshu chamarty says:

    Nice one, Broca. Indeed a blessing, the last one – if not shared (by half) by the better half. Kudos.

    Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad
    Apr 23, 2011

  3. kumarendra Mallick says:

    Jatinder ji, man is in the seventh world with a wife who gives a good smile and a hug when he is relieved from the duties of the donkey, and gets joye ride for marital bliss. Thanks for your humorous piece.

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Apr 23, 2011

  4. J S Broca says:

    Dear Venkatraman ji,Seshu ji and Mallickji-thank you all for your lovely responses.

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Apr 24, 2011

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