Sher-o-shayari in the Parliament…

Sher-o-shayari in the Parliament…
During a debate on the subject of cash for votes in the Parliament on 23rd March 2011,there was a hearty exchange of poetry between our PM Manmohan Singh and the opposition member Sushma Swaraj.
The PM did not like the insinuations made against him,so quoting Sir Mohammad Iqbal, he recited the following couplet :
Mana ki tere deed ke kaabil nahin hoon main
Tu mera shauk dekh, mera intezar dekh.

Translation :

I admit I am not worth your attention (affection),
but look at (appreciate) my interest (committment) and my patience.
In response,Sushma Swaraj smiled but recited another couplet,again by Iqbal :
Na idhar udhar ki tu baat kar, yeh bata ki kafila kyon luta,
hamen rahjano se gila nahin, teri rahbari ka sawal hai…
Translation :
Don’t make excuses, just explain how the caravan got looted. I am not concerned about the looters, but it is a question of your existence (leadership). 

Such exchanges do liven up the otherwise drab discussions and often wake up a few of the members seen sleeping on their seats ! 

How I wish that, once in a while, instead of such mundane debates and discussions, they have a full session of such sher-o-shayari to regale us ! 

This reminds me of a sher which fits our politicians like the proverbial glove,specially on the quip made by the present PM on the PM in waiting-Advani : 

Yeh dabdaba, yeh hakumat,yeh nasha-e-daulat,
Sabh kiraye ke makaan hain, kiraayedaar  badalte rehte hain!!
Translation :
This prestige,this lording over the masses,this intoxication of wealth-
Are all houses on rent,only the tenants keep changing !!
(meaning that today Congress is on the seat,tomorrow it may be BJP !) 

Before I sign off,I will post another couplet to highlight the ageing Advani’s desire to occupy the PM’s chair  
Tamam umra tera intezar ker lengey
Magar ranj yeh rahega ki zindgi kam hai.
Translation :
I shall wait for you for my entire life,but 
I shall always regret that one life is too less.
More on this subject sometimes later !
Keep smiling ! 
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10 Responses to Sher-o-shayari in the Parliament…

  1. Prem Nizar Hameed says:

    Broca ji,

    If things go such a way, I am afraid that we may soon point at our parliament house and say: this is the largest old age house sponsored by Indian people.

  2. prem nizar says:

    PM ji sings:
    Ye badnaam ye sabha,Mera kaam ki nahin,mera kaam ki nahin…
    Sushama ji sings: Jhoot bole kawwa kaatte… ,kaale kawwe se dariyo…
    then Advani ji sings: *daulat ki zanjeeron se tu ,daulat ki zanjeeron se tu… ,rahati hai azzad,
    ai daulat zindabad…
    PM ji fills the balance: *Mandir mein masjid mein ,Tu aur tu hi hai…..,
    Then the netas and babus sing by clinching the chairs: Jeena yahan marna yahan,
    Unke siwa jaane kahaan….
    But don’t break your head on the next available wall Broca ji, we have a song to sing for our counrty:
    Hamein tumse pyaar kitna,Yeh hum nahin jaanthe hai,Magar jee nahin sakthe,Tumhaare bina…..
    (That is why we don’t tolerate corruption)

    * (zindabad…ai muhabbat zindabad… mughal-e-azam)

    Prem Nizar Hameed, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Mar 25, 2011

  3. J S Broca says:

    Dear Prem ji, thanks a lot for your lovely Hindi-filmish response complete with old and not so old Bollywood songs that fit the utterings of these netas of our mahaan bharat!

    J S BROCA, New Delhi
    Mar 25, 2011

  4. safiyyah,UK says:

    Sir-ji, I don’t understand politics at all, but I loved your shers and your explanations of them, mazaa aa gayaa… Regards, duaas.

    safiyyah, uk
    Mar 26, 2011

  5. Shernaz says:

    Waiting for more of this stuff. At least some of them have humour, thank God.

  6. kumarendra mallick says:

    Jatinder ji, we have enough of lies, so-called discussions on corruption, bribery etc in the Parliament, let the Monsoon Season be devoted to ‘Antakshari’ competition, word building, music, telling jokes (of Santa and Banta) and recitation of ‘Hasya kavita’.

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Mar 26, 2011

  7. manmeet chaddha says:

    Respected Broca Sir,I really loved your quips on our politicians.
    Hurling accusations at each other isn’t going to get results.Working together for the good of the masses at large will earn politicians some respect.

    I will add a few “shers” to your list.
    Hope you will like them :

    Abhi na samajh ho, utthaao na khanjar,
    Kahin mud na jaaye tumhaari kalaayee !

    You are still a bit immature.So don’t point the dagger at me.
    Take care to see that the effort doesn’t sprain your dainty wrist !

    Yeh jee chaahta hai ke khud jaan de doon,
    Mohabbat main aaye na tum par buraayee !

    I am thinking of killing myself,so that people
    don’t point fingers towards you and malign our love !

    manmeet chaddha
    27th March 2011

  8. jyoti says:

    Dear Broca Sir, I really appreciate the efforts you make in bringing to us such gems of wisdom (?) from politics.Since the matter under debate in the parliament relates to corruption,I will add a much heard but intelligent joke on corruption :A corrupt minister used to write “Not Approved” on all the papers that were sent to him by his assistants.He always left a significant space between Not and Approved. When the affected persons suitable greased his palms, he would recall the file and just add an “e:” after Not so that it became “Note: Approved”. This was the beginning of e-Business in India.

    Jyoti Sabharwal, Faridabad
    Mar 28, 2011

  9. whoah this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles. Keep up the great work!

  10. nilouffer says:

    Jatinder ji,

    Manmohansingh was smiling very knowingly while expressing the shayari, and the whole house was smiling (for a change) They should really have a qawali/shayari session once a month so that all of them will remain busy reading up rather than becoming badnaam for their wayward ways.

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