Latest issue of BT.

Latest Issue of BUSINESS  TODAY ( dated 6th Feb,2011)

I liked the latest issue of BT with its good cover page as well as its articles. 

This is what I wote  to the  Editor  in response:                                                      

Dear Sir,
This refers to your BT issue dated FEB 6TH 2011. 
Here are my comments in the style of a recipe : 
A recipe for a special issue of BT.

Ingredients: 1 attractive cover with smiling NextGen faces. 2 interesting surveys on best companies to work/live/die for and employment outlooks in the new year.1 delightful photo feature of odd alternative jobs for breaking monotony in existing jobs.6 brief glimpses of brave/daring/outrageous acts of people like Sanjeev Aggarwal (filing FIR against Citi bank),Srinivas (ex-BITS Pilani guy joining tabla classes),Bazmi Hussain (ABB turnaround hero),Mammootty (actor’s new business ventures),Rajan Anandan (grasshopper from Microsoft India to Google India) and the incorrigible Vijay Mallya (in Scottish dress attire-coat,skirt,stockings).


Method: Add all the above carefully,mix a large quantity of onion juice of the price- rise facing and crying-population variety (if not available,crocodile tears can be used.),add a pinch of unusual undiscovered gems to add to the sparkle,a heap of World Cup hopes and cricket aspirations,season it with small doses of salt and pepper as per taste of the reading public and serve it sizzling hot as soon as it is ready,to the waiting loyal readers, before it cools down in this wintry season.

Result : You have a cracker of a Special BT issue.

Conclusion : You guys are better than all the Master Chefs put together !


Now I shall wait to see if my response gets selected for publication in the Letters to The Editor page or not in the next issue/issues.

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