My list of patriotic songs.

My list of patriotic songs

When I was in school  (St Joseph’s E T High School,Bulsar),celebrating Republic Day meant attending a public flag hoisting ceremony either at Police Grounds ( in front of our old primary school) or at Railway Institute Parade grounds (just opposite to the new school building) at Bulsar (now Valsad),in Gujarat.Many other schools also sent their batches of students to participate in the ceremony.The flag was was usually hoisted either by some senior police person, a senior railway person or some local politician.The venue used to be gaily decorated with stringed triangular multi coloured tissue paper buntings (“jhandi” in Hindi) and green bunches of Ashoka tree leaves and marigold garlands.Loudspeakers used to blare out patriotic songs (from Hindi films, usually) the whole day long from various locations in the whole city.There were no tape recorders then and usually the hand cranked gramophone or record player was used, and one by one, different records were loaded by the loud speaker wallah.Students were usually given packets of sweets after the ceremonies were over.

I used to love humming along with the patriotic songs as they played on and on.Today this non stop playing of patriotic songs is hardly seen or heard.The songs then,were well worded,meaningful,emotional and very inspiring,creating lot of patriotic zeal and fervor.

Today,on the early morning of 26th January 2011,on occasion of our Republic Day (61st) I am trying to list down the top 10 of my most favorite patriotic songs,heard and loved since my childhood and thereafter.This does not mean that I don’t like other songs not listed here.It is a very difficult job but nevertheless,here is my list.You can come out with your list as well dear readers.I bet there are going to be some common songs both in your list and in my list. There is no attempt at ranking these songs.They are listed in a random order,as they come to my mind, and on my lips,right now. 

1.”Aiy Mere Watan Key Logo”

2.”Nanha Munna Rahee Hoon”

3.”Aiy Merey Pyaare Wattan”

4.”Apni Azadi Ko Hum Hargiz”

5.”Aao Bacho Tumehin Dikhaaein”

6.”Hum Laaye Hain Toofan Sey”

7.”Merey Desh Ki Dharti”

8.”Dey Di Humein Azadi Bina”

9.”Saathi Haath Badhaana”

10.”Mera Rang Dey Basanti Chola Maey”

 Here are a few details of these songs along with You tube video links where possible for you to see,listen to and re-live:

1.”Aiy Mere Watan Key Logo” : Indian Patriotic Song, composed by C. Ramchandra and lyrics by Pradeep.When in 1962 Lata Mangeshkar sang this patriotic song, it moved Pandit Jawarlal Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, to tears.

2.”Nanha Munna Rahee Hoon” :A famous song from “Son Of India“.The movie is from the sixties, but unfortunately,we rarely get to hear this song now.

3.”Aiy Merey Pyaare Wattan” :A soulful number from Bimal Roy’s ‘Kabuliwala’ starring Balraj Sahni, who gave a sterling performance in the film, had music by Salil Choudhary. A haunting melody sung marvelously by inimitable Manna Dey, the song has been penned by Prem Dhawan.I just love it.

4.”Apni Azadi Ko Hum Hargiz” :What superb lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni,such a soul lifting music by Naushad Ali, and what a great performance by thespian Dilip Kumar.It is sung by Late Mohammed Rafi.I am sure this song will stir you as it stirs me even today.It is from a movie called “Leader”.I remember to have specially gone with our whole family ( father,mother,6 kids) to Surat, to see it in a theater (cinema hall) when it was released and was running to packed houses.Where do you hear songs like this today?

5.”Aao Bacho Tumehin Dikhaaein” :It is from the film “Jagriti”.Super hit patriotic song from this old classic movie  starring Abhi Bhattacharya as a school teacher.Music is by Hemant Kumar and Director was Satyen Bose. Its tune and chorus ‘Vandey Mataram” are just awe-inspiring.The song has the beat of a running train.I have always loved singing it.

6.”Hum Laaye Hain Toofan Sey” : This is also from the film Jagriti (1954).It  is a very melodious and inspiring song meant for the new generation.

7.”Merey Desh Ki Dharti” : This song is from Manoj Kumar’s hit film “Upkar” (1967)

 8.”Dey Di Humein Azadi Bina” :Another inspiring song from “Jagriti”.The song narrates the role of Mahatama Gandhi ji in our freedom struggle.Lyrics are just superb.

9.”Saathi Haath Badhaana” : This song is from the film “Naya Daur”.Its chorus refrain “Saathi Haath Badhaana Saathi Rey..”is very hummable.

10.”Mera Rang Dey Basanti Chola Maey” :I am talking of the old song from a movie called “Shaheed”(1965). I had sung it many times in groups on stage and won a few prizes in college too.The line Mera Rang De Basanti Chola is in Punjabi and means”please colour my cloak in a light-yellow-colour”.” Basanti” refers to the light-yellow color of the Mustard flower grown in Punjab.The movie starred Manoj Kumar in the role of legendary Bhagat Singh.This song has been sung by Mohinder Kapoor Mukesh and Manna Dey.

 Dear Readers, I am proud to be an Indian.Jai Hind !! A Very Happy Republic Day to You All. I shall look forward to your feedback and responses.


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  1. I am impressed with your article. Keep up the good job.I’ll be in touch. Looking forward…

  2. mamta aggarwal says:

    Broca ji, you remind me of my home town. In our school also we used to have a flag hoisting ceremony, exactly as you have described. listening to the patriotic songs made one feel so proud.

    Your selection of songs is really excellent. All the songs are very uplifting and moving. Happy Republic Day.

    mamta agarwal, Noida- UP
    Jan 27,2011

  3. raja ramachandran says:

    In Tamil, the famous Poet Bharatiar had written many patriotic songs, which have been sung in many Tamil films. Your selections in Hindi Films are also noteworthy in this context.

    Rajaram Ramachandran, Juhu, Mumbai (Camp: Trichy)
    Jan 27,2011

  4. J S Broca says:

    Dear Mamta ji, Rajaramji–thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.I appreciate

    j s broca
    new delhi
    27th Jan 2011

  5. J S Broca says:

    Dear Geeta ji, yes the patriotic songs suggested by you are also equally good including the one from Roja.Thanks for reading and sharing.GBU.

    j s broca
    new delhi
    27th Jan 2011

  6. SEO says:

    “Great, thanks for sharing this short article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.”

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