Rishi Neetu Marriage Anniversary today..

Rishi Neetu Marriage Anniversary today..

Today  (22.01.2011) happens to be my favourite actress Neetu Singh’s Marriage Anniversary.Hailing from a legendry family in Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor,fondly known as Chintu, married his lady love and the veteran actress Neetu Singh on 22.01.1980 after being one of the most sought after on-screen couples of the 1970’s, with numerous hits to their kitty. Today, 31  years later, with a Star son Ranbir, and beautiful daughter Riddhima, the couple is still very much in love. Both are devoted to each other.No affairs ! No lafdaas ! WISH THEM MANY MORE YEARS OF TOGETHERNESS !



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  1. satnam kaur says:

    Congratulations to Neetu and Rishi first of all. Yes, I totally agree with you Sir, that they were and are a very nice couple in the film industry,and are from very good backgrounds.After a long time they have worked togehter in a movie in 2010 (” Do Dooni Chaar”-J S BROCA).One thing we can learn from them is that yes its true that all couples have fights no matter whether its love or arranged marriage but still they again have come together and stayed together after diffrences between them ..as Ranbir once said in an interview that it was tough for him and his sister as well.. I am very happy for them and for their children as well and especially for Ranbir as I like him very much 😉 and for Ridhimma who is now a Delhite …

    Satnam Kaur
    New Delhi

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