Financial Management-Humour

Financial Management -Humour

I have been a banker for twenty nine long years before retiring from active service on 30th May 2009.I have studied Financial Management and have talked about it all my working life.I have analyzed many  a  balance sheets to gauge their inherent strengths or weaknesses before deciding to considering financing the units.

But,here is a case of an extra ordinary side of this subject, well presented by the real life story of two beggars. 

Financial Management (Humour)


Managing with less money

Financial Management (Humor)

A beggar to another beggar: I had a grand dinner at Taj yesterday.

How? The other beggar asked.

First beggar: Some one gave me a Rs 100/- note yesterday.

I went to Taj and ordered dinner worth Rs 1,000/-, and enjoyed the dinner.

When the bill came, I said, I had no money.

The Taj manager called the policeman, and handed me over to him.

I gave the Rs 100/- note to the police fellow, and he set me free.

A wonderful example of financial management indeed.

I hope you must have enjoyed this view point as much as I loved posting it.

Keep smiling and in case you come across such examples of Financial Management,that tickle you,do send them across to me. OK ?  Bye until the next round……..

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  1. nilouffer says:

    Clever little beggar , that! And cleverer you for giving it the serious touch and calling that Financial Management;

    Enjoyed reading it. Thanks

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