Money in Honey…

Money In Honey
My views on a photo feature in Business Today-Issue Dated 31st Oct 2010
October 31, 2010
The above issue had carried a wonderful photo feature on a well known Honey industry.This is what I had written to BT after reading the piece :
Dear Sir, 
Your photo feature titled ” Honey Money ” (BT 31st Oct 2010) was a sweet read and a visual treat with delightful photographs catching the honey-producing family of apis mellifera in various stages of process and the money-minting family of Kapoors in various moods of agony and ecstacy ! 
By sweating it out and putting lessons learnt in B-Schools into actual practice,they have earned a sweet reward of their efforts with this honey-pot business model,forgetting the bee-stings and bee-venom suffered in the process ! 
A befitting case study for B-Schools to demonstrate how entrepreneurship has its rewards if it is successfully married to sound business principles and management fundamentals like branding,expanding and finding niche markets globally ! 
Let’s say ” Sat Sri Akal ” (the Sikh way of greeting) to all the Kapoors with a copy to all their extended family members !! 

A highly edited and shortened version of my letter has been published on page 6 of BT issue dated 28th Nov 2010.It has another rivetting cover story titled  30 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN IN INDIAN BUSINESS !
Here is my  letter as published :
Bee In the Bonnet
Honey Money (BT,October 31)  was a visual treat.The photographs and accompanying narrative described the various processes in beekeeping in interesting detail and heldout a lesson that apiculture can be profitable if married to sound business fundamentals. 
J. S. Broca. Delhi  
I wanted to copy paste one of the photographs but it was a copyright issue so I am compelled to paste from Google images. If you want to see the real photographs,search “Honey Money” in BT search box on top right hand corner and you can view all 
 the 10 photos. So sweet,no…?   


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  1. Keena Rhoda says:

    Hello. splendid job. I did not imagine this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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