Rahul and Sharad…..

Rahul into the Ganga.. 
 I read with great interest the following news-item this morning: 

Quote : Edgy Sharad wants Rahul thrown into the Ganga.
Mail Today,October 26th 2010,By Giridhar Jha in Patna  

CAMPAIGNING for the remaining four phases of the six- phase Bihar assembly polls turned bitter with Janata Dal( United) president Sharad Yadavmaking a no-holdsbarred attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhion Monday.Addressing an election rally at Fatuha near Patnaand a few other places, Yadav said Rahul Gandhi should be thrown away into the river Ganga for being a symbol of dynastic politics.Making a scathing attack on the Nehru- Gandhi family, he said the Congress had perpetuated dynastic politics in India.” This family has had Motilal, Jawaharlal, Indira Gandhiand Rahul Gandhi. And now, a new babua ( kid) has come. He does it like this,” he said while imitating Rahul’s style of rolling up his sleeves while making speeches at his rallies.He said this was the misfortune of the country and the people here were sick.Hitting out at Rahul, he said, ” What do you know. Somebody writes on the paper and gives it to you and you read it out. you should have been picked up and thrown into the Ganga.” He also said the RJD was a party of husband and wife while the LJP was an organisation of brothers.Yadav’s comments drew a sharp reaction from the Congress.Party spokesman Prem Chandra Mishra said it was a violation of the model code of conduct which the Election Commission must take cognizance of.” We strongly condemn Yadav’s statements which reflect his standard in politics,” he said.In New Delhi, the party said as Rahul was drawing huge crowds, Congress’ opponents had lost their political balance, if not mental balance. Congress leaders attributed the attack on Rahul to his growing popularity among the minorities and the youth.Yadav later said he had not named any individual. ” I said the Congress, the RJD and the LJP should be tied together and immersed in the Ganga,” he said. ” I had essentially meant the parties. I do not know if I sounded otherwise,” he said to defend himself.Yadav’s attack came at a time when Rahul was addressing three rallies at Ramnagar in West Champaran, Kuchaikot in Gopalganj and Saran districts of Bihar.Rahul said the Nitish Kumargovernment had failed to implement the Centre’s welfare schemes. He said there was rampant
corruption and the benefits of schemes such as the NREGA and the Indira Awas Yojna were not reaching the poor.Lambasting Nitish’s secular credentials yet again, Rahul said Nitish was not allowing certain leaders of the BJP to come to Bihar but he had an alliance with their party.Rahul’s rally in Saran witnessed crowd disturbances when somebody shouted slogans against him. This resulted in a scuffle between two groups in which chairs were flung.Meanwhile, campaigning reached a feverish pitch on Monday with leaders like L. K. Advani and Sushma Swaraj seeking support for NDA candidates.Addressing two rallies at Bettiah and Hajipur, Advani exhorted the voters to return the Nitish Kumar government to power.He said the Nitish government had done good work and it should get another term.Unquote.

My reaction on this piece was to think of some words in Hindi, rhyming with Ganga and then compose a silly poem on this issue.

The words which came to my mind like a flash were  pangaa,


mushtandaa,dhandhaa,chanda,fundaa,gandaa, bheekhmangaa etc.

The next task was to use some of these words creatively to come out with a funny rejoinder !

Here is the result of my efforts :
Sharad Yadav’s pangaa
Sharad Yadav nein ley liya Rahul sey pangaa,
Congress key khemey mein much gaya dangaa!
“Rahul babuaa ko patak kar fenko beech Ganga” !
Politiks ka hai yeh hi ek hathkandaa!
Beech sabhaa mein karr do sabb ko nangaa,
Yeh galat baat hai,bilkul nahin hai changaa!
                       Sharad Yadav nein ley liya……pangaa!
Politics is a very dirty game,
Players here have just no shame !
They stoop low to make their name,
Just to garner votes and fame !
Most of them are criminals like Billa and Rangaa,
They come from places like Patna,Dharbhanga !
Their aim is to loot and carry on their dhandaa,
And make the state or country bheekhmangaa !
                      Sharad Yadav nein ley liya…….pangaa !
Let them throw each other in a gutter or drain !
While we  watch the reality show with disdain !
No one is here doodh kaa dhulla,
All they want is a fire in their chullah!
Aakhir mein bass yehi  kehta hai bandaa,
Let us understand their basic fundaa,
Khaao daal chaawal,yaa murgi yaa andaa,
Yahan parr harr ek hai bass mushtandda!
                    Sharad Yadav nein ley liya……pangaa !   
Literal Translation :
Sharad Yadav has invited a fight with Rahul,by saying in a rally that Rahul should be thrown into the Ganga.As a result, there has been a lot of panic in the tents of the Congress party.In politics there is only this handy weapon.Make everyone feel naked in a meeting.This is a deed most foul,and it is not at all good/acceptable.
2. This needs no translation.
3. Meanings of Hindi words used here : dhandha = profession; bheekhmangaa = beggar.
4. Meaning of Hindi words used here :doodh kaa dhulla = literally washed with milk,but means ” innocent” ; chullah = earthern fire-place in rural areas.
5. In the end,this humble poet only wishes to say that we should try to understand the basic / fundamental ideas of such politicians.We may eat just rice and lentils or chicken and eggs, for us it hardly matters,but in politics,every one is just a bully and is out to invite trouble / fight  from others.
Keep smiling…..

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5 Responses to Rahul and Sharad…..

  1. k chandrika says:

    Very nice. I am your fan right from the day I read your ‘Samosa-I love you’.

    K.chandrika, vinukonda.AP
    Oct 26, 2010

  2. s krishna bhavana says:

    Hai Brocaji a very nice and humorous comment on our Indian politics. I am an ardent fan of you. I love the way you narrate the things. You are a source of inspiration for budding writers like me. Thanks for sharing.

    S.Krishna Bhavana, IIIT,Nuzvid,AP
    Oct 26, 2010

  3. rajaram says:

    In a way the fact remains that dynastic rule exists in India, though the language used by Yadavji is not proper. Maharajas were abolished, but in their places political leaders have come who, in their turn, groom their wards for political succession like crown princes of those days. This system should change and in democracy all educated and well qualified people should run the parliament with decency and decorum. Otherwise, there is no proper meaning to the word democracy in India.

    Rajaram Ramachandran, Juhu, Mumbai
    Oct 27, 2010

  4. J S Broca says:

    Dear Chandrikaji,Bhavanaji,Rajaramji-thanks a lot for your valuable comments.I appreciate !

    J S Broca
    new delhi
    27th Oct 2010

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