We all have been reading about the mess in CWG in the local news papers.This is one sample of a letter that I wrote to one of these dailies:  
Dear Editor,This refers to your news item :” MCD WORKERS WON’T CLEAN LOOS ” in HT of 24th Sept.Frankly, I don’t see why all this hullaba-loo about loos is ! As per my knowledge from a recent market survey report,toilet cleaner market in our country is estimated to be worth Rs.60 crores per annum.Reckitt Benckister is the Brand Leader with its brand HARPIC with a share of 70 percent.Other two leaders in this segment are SANIFRESH (Dabur) and DOMEX ( Hindustan Unilever).CWG authorities could have roped in their help to clean the mess.I feel these Corporate Houses would have willingly sent a batallion of their Cleanling Soldiers armed with their products to clean all the loos and put an end to this hullabaloo.After all they must be aware of what is called Corporate Social Responsibilty in todays world.It was a chance for them to show-case the efficiency of their products like Harpic,Sanifresh and Domex and would have won many more hearts of customers through this exercise alone instead of through their costly ads on TV.All they could have asked for would have been small banners displayed outside the loos saying–“This loo has been cleaned by Harpic/Sanifresh/Domex…”.So simple,no ? I wonder why CWG committees could not think of this solution !
Lets hope at least some of our clean loos will now win a few medals for cleanliness and hygiene ! Meri CWG Mahaan !!
  New Delhi 
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