It’s a matter of time…

It’s a matter of time…. 

I was discussing the concept of time management with some of the MBA students in one of my classes recently.Time is money.Time and tide waits for no man etc. We also discussed how technology changes with time and how things change with time too.In a lighter vein, I narrated the following three humorous situations: 

Waqt waqt ki baat….. 

1. Kavi ka waqt… 

Ek kavi shaadi key baad biwi sey bola :

“Aaj sey tum hee meri kavita* ho,kalpna* ho, bhavna* ho..”

Patni bolee :” Merey liyey bhi aaj sey aap hee merey

Dinesh ho,Rohit ho,Raakesh ho..”!! 

(* in Hindi, these are popular names of girls too ) 

Translation : 

A Poet’s time…. 

A poet , just after his marriage, said to his wife :

“From today,you alone are my poetry,my imagination,my feelings …”

Replied the wife :”For me too,from today,you are

My Dinesh, my Rohit, my Raakesh …” !!  

2.Hanumaan ji ka waqt…  

“Bhagwaan,abb main dharti par nahin reh saktaa.”

“Kyoon nahin reh saktey?”

“Pehley log lait karr maathaa tektey ththey,

Firr thoda samay jaaney ke baad,

Keval jhuk karr tekney laggey

Main firr bhi kush thaa !

Lekin abb tau ghor kallyug aa gaya hai !

Aaj mandir mein ek 22 saal ki ladki aayi

Aur haath hilla karr boli–‘ Hai Hanu !’ “ 

Translation : 

Lord Hanuman’s time…. 

Said Lord Hanuman to God,

“I can’t stay on this earth any more”

“Why” asked God very calmly.

“God,earlier,devotees used to prostrate

Before me and offer their respects.

A few years later, they just bowed their head

And offered their respects,

But I was still happy…

However,now, times are so bad.

You know God,what happened this morning?

A girl of 22 walked up to my idol in the temple,

Just waved her hand at me and said :

‘ Hi Hanu ‘ “!!  

3.Bhikhaari ka waqt… 

Bhikhaari bola mujh sey,

“Saheb 10 rupaey dey do,

Mobile re-charge karr key

Girl friend ko phone karna hai.”

Main bola:”Wah,Bhikhaari

Nein bhi girl friend banai hai..”

Bhikhaari bola:”Nahin Saheb

Girl friend nein hee 

Bhikhaari banaya hai ! “ 

Translation : 

A Beggar’s Time… 

Said a beggar to me one day:

“Sir, give me ten rupees, I pray.

I have to get my mobile re-charged

And talk to my girl friend.”

Astonished,this is what, I uttered :

“A Beggar too has a girl friend these days.”

In turn,the beggar thus muttered :

“No Sir,my girl friend has

Turned me into a beggar…!” 



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5 Responses to It’s a matter of time…

  1. rajaram ramachandran says:

    Hai to Hai Hanu and Hai to the girl who made his boy friend a begger! Good jokes!

    Rajaram Ramachandran, Juhu, Mumbai
    Aug 28, 2010

  2. chandra mouli says:

    Excellent, Jitoo ji.Enjoyed greatly.Today my brother narrated how his friend was trying to make a cousin a lakhpati.I asked in innocence what’s wrong with it. Then he replied that the cousin is a Karodpati.Best.

    TSchandra Mouli, Hyderabad
    Aug 29, 2010

  3. geetashree says:

    Brocaji, I have been regularly reading your poems and enjoying. But this Sunday I shared most of them with my family. And how we enjoyed! Thanks for brightening our Sunday. Regards.

    Geetashree Chatterjee, New Delhi
    Aug 30, 2010

  4. J S Broca says:

    Dear Rajaram ji, Mouli ji, Geetashree ji, I am glad to see the smiles spreading..

    J S Broca
    new delhi
    30th Aug 2010

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