Amul does it again…

Amul in news again
(The Economic Times – 08.07.10)
AMUL has done it again – It has been voted as the Number 1 Indian brand in Asia – Pacific. Branding of Amul is completely different than any other traditional brand that you encounter. Their branding budgets are far less than many other companies, still there is hardly any Indian who is not aware of Amul ! 

Amul has bagged this honor for second year in a row –Last year also, Amul was ranked as the number one brand in India. It is also the top dairy brand in whole of Asia-Pacific ahead of much bigger conglomerates like Kraft, Dutch Lady, Dumex, Walls, Anchor, Magnolia and Everyday. 

The rankings released by Hong Kong based “Media Magazine”, ranked Amul 73rd in Top popular 1000 brands in Asia-Pacific ahead of other Indian brands like Kingfisher (# 140), ICICI Bank (# 182), State Bank of India (#226) and Tata (# 256). Amul also managed to improve its rating by 10 points compared to last year when its ranking was 83rd. 

Its interesting to note that Amul is seen very less on tradition media outlets like Television and Newspapers. However, their hoarding Ads are a real treat to watch. They pick-up the most buzzing current topic and integrate it with their Brand Amul and come out with some really funny and catchy hoardings. Some of them are real classics ! 

Here is a look at some of their recent Hoarding Ads:

Wedding of the Indian cricket captain – July’10


Current turmoil in Kashmir – July’10


Argentina coach Maradona motivates Messi and team to perform well – June’10


Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico- June’10


Goalkeeping howler in the present World Cup- June’10

10X20 Taaja Maal 

Imagine that AMUL has kept the traditions of this hoardings for past 35 years !  

I think they have been registered in GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for longest running ad campaign as well ! 

They are a real treat to watch, ain’t they ?

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