India’s hottest start-ups

In the latest issue of my favourite magazine Business Today (BT), India’s hottest start – ups were discussed.
Here is what I felt and wrote in response to BT:
India’s hottest start-ups.

Dear Sir, this refers to your latest issue of BT (June 27th 2010) on “India’s hottest start-ups.
The 16 profiles of hottest start-ups discussed in the issue range from “common sense” projects to “grey-cells challenging” projects and were awe-inspiring.

Start-ups are generally associated with high growth,technology oriented companies in which investors are interested due to their risk-reward profile,low costs,higher risks and higher potential for RoI (Return on Investment).

Merely having an idea up your sleeve is not sufficient.Its commercial potential has to be seen.Rarely we come across start-ups which yield huge returns to their creators and investors- example Google.The bursting of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s was an example of start-up apocalypse !

What is more of relevance in today’s times is that start-ups must be socially beneficial.If a start-up is successful in raising the standard of living of the common man,I feel it has served its purpose.

Mohammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank project which won him the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize indicates that to be successful,a really useful start-up must be low cost and have the ability to transform lives and resolve social inequities in our society.


I am also reminded of Warren Buffet’s recent letter on Berkshire Hathway’s website,where he offers two good lessons for start-up ventures : a) Converse like a real human being and b) Admit mistakes and move on.
In short,your issue is a very useful guide for budding entrepreneurs of our country. Kudos to the BT team !

New Delhi 

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