Tell a Lie Day

Tell a Lie Day  

Introduction :
Every year we celebrate (?)” Tell A Lie Day” on 4th April.It is a comical event to all of us. Tell A Lie Day, as the name suggests,is an opportunity to spend the day with a pack of lies,but make sure that your loved ones are not hurt when you lie to them in jest. However don’t miss this day without celebration.Enjoy this hilarious event with your friends, family, and beloved. Also make them happy on this special day.So,go ahead and tell a lie. 

By the way,we don’t create these days, we only report them. Why someone would create a day to encourage a person to lie is hard to comprehend. Be that as it may, today is the day to tell lies, big and small. Tomorrow, we can all get back to the virtue of “honesty is the best policy”.( If you find today a bit discomforting, you can look forward to National Honesty Day later this month).  

Origin of “Tell a Lie Day”: 

My research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. I believe that the creator of this day will be the only person who answers “no” to the following question…. “Did you create Tell a Lie Day?” In keeping with the spirit of this day, everyone’s answer will be a lie. Therefore, everyone will say “Yes”, except the creator.  

 Photo:  Bjorn De Leeuw / StockXChng
For one day a year, contrary to what our parents and teachers told us, it is actually acceptable to lie -just this once.  Whether a white lie, a little fib or a tall tale, enjoy the day while you can because as said earlier,National Honesty Day is coming up at the end of this month.
Things to ponder upon :
What is the biggest lie you ever told?
What is the worst lie someone told you?
How did it feel when someone lied to you?
If you wouldn’t get into trouble,  would you lie more often?
A Story :
There is a very popular story reportedly related to George Washington. Here is a version I read decades ago in school :

The Cherry Tree

by M. L. Weems
The legend of George Washington and the Cherry TreeWhen George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything that came his way.

One day, as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother’s pea sticks, he found a beautiful, young English cherry tree, of which his father was most proud. He tried the edge of his hatchet on the trunk of the tree and barked it so that it died.

Some time after this, his father discovered what had happened to his favorite tree. He came into the house in great anger, and demanded to know who the mischievous person was who had cut away the bark. Nobody could tell him anything about it.

Just then George, with his little hatchet, came into the room.

“George,” said his father, “do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!”

This was a hard question to answer, and for a moment George was staggered by it, but quickly recovering himself he cried:

“I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet.”

The anger died out of his father’s face, and taking the boy tenderly in his arms, he said:

“My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! Yes – though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!” 

Lies in our Hindi Film Songs:  

How can I ever forget some very lovely songs from our very own Bollywood films ??! 

First one, is a Mukesh number, from a movie titled :” Teesri Kasam” (1966) and which goes like this : ” Sajan Rey Jhooth Mat Bolo,Khuda Ke Paas Jaana Hai…” 

The lyrics of this hummable song are as under : 

Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo
Khuda Ke Paas Jaana Hai
Na Haathi Hai Na Ghoda Hai,
Wahan Paedal Hi Jana Hai

Tumhare Mehel Chaubaare
Yahin Reh Jayenge Saare
Akad Kis Baat Ki Pyaare
Yeh Sar Phir Bhi Jhukaana Hai
Sajan Re Jhooth…

Bhalaa Kije Bhalaa Hoga
Buraa Kije Buraa Hoga
Bahi Likh-Likh Ke Kya Hoga
Yahin Sab Kuch Chukana Hai
Sajan Re Jhooth…

Ladakpan Khel Mein Khoya
Jawaani Neend Bhar Soya
Budhaapa Dekhkar Roya
Wahi Kissa Purana Hai
Sajan Re Jhooth… 

To listen to this song,go to the following link :  

Second one is from the hit movie titled :”Bobby”.It is an enjoyable dance number picturised on Rishi and Dimple. It goes like this :”Jhooth Boley Kauva Kaatey…”.  

To listen to this number,try the following link : 

I am sure you will enjoy both these songs as I do !  

OK ! Wish you a Happy Tell A Lie Day !! Really ! Not fibbing !! 

See you again on National Honesty Day ! Honestly !

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11 Responses to Tell a Lie Day

  1. Shernaz Wadia says:

    Why do I get the feeling you have created this day? Why would you be honest on tell a lie day? Interesting and unbelievable, isn’t it? Honestly I don’t believe you. Do you believe me?

  2. J S BROCA says:

    Dear Readers

    I also remember a Nursery Rhyme on the subject of “Lies” It goes like this :Johnny JohnyJohnny, Johnny,
    Yes, Papa,
    Eating sugar?
    No, Papa
    Telling lies?
    No, Papa
    Open your mouth
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    To see an interesting video on youtube try following link :

    Enjoy !!

    New Delhi
    4th April 2010

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