Hymns of Sheikh Farid-Part II

Hymns of Sheikh Farid-Part II
Further to my posting dated 26th Jan 2010, I now most humbly post a few more beautiful hymns of Sheikh Farid ji,which have been included in Shri Guru Granth Sahibji (SGGS), along with my efforts at translation. I have also hinted the central idea of each hymn alongside,in brackets :
Hymn 1  ( Judge your self before judging others )
Farida,jey toon akal lateef,kaaley likh naa lekh,
Apanadey girewaan meh,sirr neevan kar dekh !
Faridji says,if you are really a very intelligent person,
then,do not talk or write about evil deeds of others.
Just look inside yourself (introspect) first, to judge
as to how good or bad your own deeds are !
Hymn 2  ( Living within one’s means )
Farida roti meri kaath ki,lahwan meri bhukh,
Jinna khaadi chopdi,ghanney sehngey dukh !
Faridji says,a simple unbuttered chapati earned
from my own hardwork,is sufficient to satisfy my hunger.
Those who eat a chapati buttered lavishly (accompanied with other dishes) are bound to suffer a lot !
Hymn 3 ( Doing good deeds )
Farida jinni kammi naahen gunn,tey kamm dey vissar,
Matt sharminda thheevai,sayeen dey darbaar !
Faridji says,do not do any work which has no good intentions.
Or else,after death,you will feel ashamed in the Lord’s Court !
( where your accounts of good and bad deeds will be checked )
Hymn 4 ( Importance of prayer )
Uthth Farida, ujj saaj,subah nimaaz gujaar,
Jo sirr saayeen naah nivey, so sirr kapp uttaar !
Faridji tells his disciples to get up early in the morning,
wash their hands and faces and offer the morning prayers (namaaz) to Allah. The head that doesn’t bow before the Supreme Being,  
deseves to be cut off from the body !
Hymn 5  ( Every one has his quota of sufferings)
Farida main jaaniyan dukh mujh ko,dukh sabahey jagg,
Uchchey chadh ke dekhiya,gharr gharr eha agg !
Faridji says, I thought that only I am suffering in this world.
But when I climbed up on the roof of my house and saw what is happening all around, I realized  that there was a similar fire in every home ! ( every body is unhappy/suffering )
May Sheikh Faridji bless us all !!
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7 Responses to Hymns of Sheikh Farid-Part II

  1. kumarendra mallick says:

    What beautiful thoughts… if any body reads with care and love, life will be nobler. My salutations to Saint Farid, and salutations to the seers of Sikhism to include these in the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. And finally you, Jatinder ji, to make these available to us on the Muse. Best regards,

    Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad
    Jan 30, 2010

  2. jasneet kaur says:

    Respected Broca Sir, Superb…Thankyou for satisfying our hunger for spirituality by feeding our souls with euphoric verses of Farid ji.Your one line meanings made the verses more impactful as honed up our understanding skills.Warm Regards,

    Jasneet Kaur, New Delhi
    Jan 30, 2010

  3. j s broca says:

    Dear Jasneet, thanks a ton for your heart warming comments. GBU !

    j s broca
    new delhi
    31st jan 2010

  4. j s broca says:

    Dear Mallick ji, thanks a lot for your lovely response .

    J S Broca
    New Delhi
    31st Jan 10

  5. shernaz wadia says:

    Thanks Jitoo, for sharing these ennobling thoughts with us. I know as and when time permits you will bring more such wonderful writings to us. Warmest regards,

    Shernaz, Pune
    Feb 01, 2010

  6. Jose Watch says:

    Whooo I can’t believe I never watch this blog before, good read

  7. Hello, first of all this is a well done blog, but i don?t know how to integrate your news in my rss feed reader, i can?t find the rss symbol… For me it is the easiest way to have a look at the interesting blogs…

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