Hymns of Sheikh Farid…

Hymns of Sheikh Farid…
Sometime ago, I had posted a few hymns of Kabirji from our holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji (SGGS).The response of the readers had been very encouraging. Hence, I now most humbly, endevour to post some hymns of Sheikh Farid from SGGS alongwith the translations. Before I go further,I feel some background information of this Saint would be useful : 
Baba Sheikh Farid — ( 1173 -1266) was a Muslim Saint from Punjab and 134 hymns composed by him, have been included in SGGS.His shlokas are included on pages 1377 to 1384 of SGGS.
Baba Farid’s great grand father was son of Farrukh Shah, the emperor of Kabul.Baba Farid’s great grand father was killed when Halaku, the grandson of Chengez Khan had invaded Kabul & had killed several princes and learned men, including several of Baba Farid’s ancestors.
Baba Farid’s grandfather Shaikh Shaib abandoned their country and took refuge in the Punjab in A.D. 1125.At the last stage of his life, Baba Farid had settled in a city then called Mokhalpur but now it is in Punjab (India) and is called Faridkot .He was a unique saint and scholor of spiritualism. His torch of Sufi thoughts was carried by his successors and  several others such as Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak .Sheikh Farid  can be truly called the founder of Punjabi literature, making Punjabi culture older than Hindi, Urdu and other languages of current times. It was much after Baba Farid that Kabir, Tulsidas, Mira Bai, etc started using common language of the people of India in their compositions. Baba Sheikh Farid can truly be considered a pioneer of the modern Punjabi culture and concept of Punjabi Language. Sant Farid is worshipped because of his spirituality,simplicity and piety.Not only has Farid influenced Hindus but he has been  one of the major inspirations behind Sikhism as well Muslims.

Hymn 1 :
    Farida galliye chikkad,door ghar, naal pyarey neho,
    Challan taan bhijjey kambli,rahan taan tuttey neho.
    Bhijo sijjou kambli,allah varsey meho,
    Jaaye milla tinna saajna, tuttey nahi neho.      (1379)
    Farid says, the lanes are full of mud, and my destination is
    far away,but my love for my Supreme Lord remains
    unshaken. If I go to meet Him,my cloak will get wet.
    If I don’t go,then my bond of love with Him will be broken.
    Let my cloak get wet and drenched;Let Allah cause a heavy
    down pour of rain.I will definitely go to meet my Lord and
    keep up my promise and ensure that my bond of love
    remains unbroken. 
Hymn 2:  
    Kaga karang dhadoliya,sagla khaya maas,
    Eh doyey naina matt chchuo, pirr dekhan ki aas !    (1382)
Translation :  
The crows have pecked at my skeletal body
and have eaten all my flesh.
Dear crows,please do not touch my eyes,
for I still have hope to see (have darshan of) my dear Lord.
Hymn 3 :
Farida khaak naa nindiyey, khaaku jedd naa koyey,
Jeevdiya pairaa talley,muyiya oopar hoyey !              (1378)
Farid says,do not ever speak ill of (slander) dust.
For,when we are alive,it is under our feet,
And when we are dead,it is above us ! (cremation)
Hymn 4 : 
Farida, mandap maal naa laayey, marag sataani chitt dhar,
Farida itt siraaney, bhuy sawann,keeda ladiyo maas.(1380-81)
Translation : 
Farid says, do not focus on mansions and wealth;
But centre your consciousness on death,your most powerful
When you die, a stone will be your pillow,the earth will be
your bed and the worms will eat into your flesh ! 
Hymn 5 :
Jey jaana marr jaayiey,ghumm naa aayiey,
Jhoothi duniyaan lagg,aap vanjhaiyey !          (488)
Translation :
Had I known that I was to die one day and never return,
I would not have ruined myself,by clinging to this world
of falsehood !
Dear Readers,I hope you will respond to these hymns as
usual.I pray that the Supreme Being above,takes care of
us all !
I shall post some more hymns of Sheikh Farid ji as soon as He
gives me the inspiration ! Have a nice day !
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13 Responses to Hymns of Sheikh Farid…

  1. jasneet kaur says:

    Respected Sir, Simply euphoric. I must congratulate you for the invincible translation. Farid ji’s shlokas are so easy to understand but have a deep underlying meaning to be imbibed to learn the truth of the lord and the right path to embrace his benign blessings. Kudos to you. Thank you for sharing. Warm Regards,

    Jasneet Kaur, New Delhi
    Jan 26, 2010

  2. Md Ashfaq says:

    Dear Broca Ji,

    I must compliment you for such a beautiful effort. There could be some bias in it because I am Punjabi, and I love Punjabi and have always been a passionate and voracious reader of Punjabi Poetry. I read Baba Farid many years ago, and memorized almost half of what is available today of what he actually created. I am most pleasantly surprised to know that he is included in your (and for us, too) holy book SGGS, and that Faridkot basically derives from his name.I salute you, Sir. God bless you.

    Muhammad Ashfaq, Guildford, UK (currently)
    Jan 26, 2010


    Dear Jasneet,thanks for your warm and appreciative response. The most favourable aspect of SGGS is that it includes hymns of many saints and sages of various religions and belonging to various countries to give us the message of love for entire humanity. I will be back soon with some more hymns of Sheikh Farid Sahib ji.

    j s broca
    new delhi
    27th jan 2010


    Dear Md Ashfaq ji, thanks a lot for your valuable response.My late father knew Persian and Urdu and had a few muslim collegues and friends who knew and spoke in Punjabi. I inherited my love for Sheikh Farid’s poetry from my father who also nearly knew all of Faridji’s slokas and hymns from our holy book by heart and would quote the apt ones in all debates and discussions to support his views. Punjabi literature owes a lot to Baba Farid.Some scholars say that Farid was to Punjabi what Chaucer was to English. I will soon post 5 more hymns of Baba Farid ji.God Bless You too !

    new delhi
    27th jan 2010

  5. dr pooja says:

    Uncle,Thanks for awakening the hidden self in us.Much to read and accomplish from the verse and the thoughts conveyed. Best wishes,

    Dr Pooja G Bhuyar, Bijapur
    Jan 27, 2010

  6. sunil uniyal says:

    Dear Broca Saheb, thanks for sharing these thought-provoking verses of Baba Farid. The translation has been very good. Warm regards.

    Sunil Uniyal, New Delhi
    Jan 27, 2010

  7. shernaz wadia says:

    Looking forward to the next part. Thanks Jitoo.

    Shernaz, Pune
    Jan 27, 2010

  8. j s broca says:

    Dear Shernaz,Sunil, Pooja- thanks a lot for your responses. Just made a draft of my next 5 hymns of Baba Farid. Wait for a while please.

    j s broca
    new delhi
    26th Jan 2010

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