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December 28th  happened  to be Dhirubhai Ambani’s birthday anniversary and papers and TV were full of ads and rememberances.My only comment sent to some newspapers and displayed on Yahoo’s Gujarati page on 28th is as under :
There can never be any other better industrial icon than the great Dhirubhai Ambani who defined indian business acumen and showed to the entire world how an ordinary man can rise to pinnacles of glory through sheer hardwork,determination and vision.
Alas ! The present infighting between his two heirs over some issues leaves a bad taste in the mouth and speaks of petty designs to malign each other through the long drawn court battle.
They must sit together and sort out their differences,if need be, with the guidance of their mother, so that the Reliance name does not get tarnished any more and the brothers can carry forward the grand legacy left by their illustrious father.
Let us pray that they come to their senses and mend their ways and remain united !! 
New Delhi
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