My comments on an article/feature in Business Today :

My comments on an article/feature in Business Today :

Dear Sir,
Your survey on “The Best B Schools” (BT 18th Oct 09)  was a good read.
The Top Ten or the next 11-30 institutes are beyond the reach of the ” aam aadmi” seeing to their rigourous admission procedures and high fee structures.
As a result,he prefers enrolling his children in the pocket-friendly neighbourhood “B-Shops” which have proliferated in all major towns looking to the craze for Management degrees/diplomas.
Open any newspaper educational supplement and you will find a plethora of ads of ” UGC Approved” and “AICTE Approved” teaching shops offering various courses at very nominal fees.
Those who cannot afford to join your elite B Schools,find it convenient to join these institutes which run regular courses throughout the week as well as special week-end courses for the employed youngsters.
Most of them do not have required infrastructure,properly designed course content,and lack quality faculty.Moreover,their exams are quite easy to be cleared by average students as their questions are objective type,there is no negative marking system and they do not inculcate the habit of thinking beyond what is provided in the tacky study material. 

AICTE has also been in the news sometime back for its alleged corrupt practices for granting approval to such courses/institutes.left and right,without caring for the quality of education they impart.
It is suggested that you do a survey of such local B-Shops first in Delhi, by sending your young journalists posing as students seeking admission and you will see the ” clear ” ” rotten” picture !
Will you dare ? The million rupee question for these institutes is to B or not to B in the education market !!  


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